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The Beyerdynamic DT108 is a single-ear headset with dynamic microphone for live, remote broadcasting, studio, film, TV and language lab applications. The Beyerdynamic DT108 Single-Muff Headset is available for use with RTS or Clearcom Systems.

The Clear-Com TW40 Two Way Radio Interface is a stand-alone interface designed to connect a 2-way radio or walkie-talkie into a single channel of a standard Clear-Com, RTS*, or compatible 2-wire party-line intercom system. It provides both audio connection and “push-to-talk” transmitter keying, using standard Call signals. The ability of a 1- to 5- watt walkie-talkie to both talk to and receive from the wired intercom system can greatly extend an intercom system’s capability, especially in…

The Clear-Com AX-4 IFB Control Panel Extension is an IFB in ear monitor control panel extension. The expansion station daisy-chains to an MA-4 or MA-4N master station, adding four illuminated talent pushbuttons. Console-or rack-mountable.

Integrated Platform - Supports all FreeSpeak wireless & HelixNet wired intercom + 2W / 4W

Speaks Dante - Up to 64 ports for third-party Dante devices

Future-Proof - Licensing enables future expansion

Compact & Powerful - Supports over 100 beltpacks in 1RU
Arcadia is an immensely powerful hardware platform with flexible licensing options allowing users to choose Licensed Port Capacity or add Licensed Port Upgrades to increase capacity in the field when needed.…

  • 2-Channel 1RU Main Station with built-in Speaker
  • Supports up to 55 beltpacks or 10 speaker stations on 2 channels
  • Automatic short-circuit protection and reset with LED indicators
  • Visual and audible call signaling
  • Individual volume controls for each channel
  • Program feed to both channels with selectable Program Interrupt
  • Remote Mic Kill
  • Stage Announce with relay
  • Channel A & B Link switch
  • Built-in speaker

Clear-Com FreeSpeak II 1.9Ghz Belt Pack (FSII-BP19-X4-US)
The FreeSpeak II 1.9Ghz Belt Pack is a five-channel, full duplex belt pack, designed to fit any and all criteria. With up to 18 hours of battery life, rigorous design, and over-the-air belt pack registration, you can rest assured your production communications is in good hands.


The Clear-Com FreeSpeak-II is the next generation of license free wireless communication. Supporting up to 25 belt packs along side 10 antennas, the FreeSpeak II is the perfect go-to system for your wireless communication needs.


Nick Mesenbourg of Talamas shares why…

 The Clear-Com FreeSpeak-II is the next generation of license free wireless communication. Supporting up to 25 belt packs along side 10 antennas, the FreeSpeak II is the perfect go-to system for your wireless communication needs. With seamless integration with Clear-Com's Core Configuration, all of the FreeSpeak II's functions can be controlled from a remote computer, making any and all adjustments on the fly quick and painless. 

Clear-Com FreeSpeak II Antenna Splitter (FSII-SPL)

The FSII-SPL Antenna Splitter is used with connecting more than 2 antennas to the FreeSpeak II base station. The FSII-SPL provides up to 5 antenna feeds.


Nick Mesenbourg of Talamas shares why this high…

The Clear-Com TW12B Intercom System Interface is designed for connecting one intercom system to another without compromising the audio quality of either system. The Clear-Com TW12B solves all problems that can arise when connecting, for example: a mobile production unit’s intercom system to an intercom in a nearby building same-type systems located in two different buildings to any “unknown” interface, such as a TV camera concert hall’s intercom to touring group’s intercom same-type systems…

The Clear-Com PS22 power supply supports two intercom channels containing up to 30 headset stations or 10 speaker stations. in a hardwired intercom configuration. The PS-22 features Clear-Com’s failsafe power-supply design for maximum reliability. In the event of a DC short circuit or current overload, the PS-22’s electronic overload protection circuit will instantly shut down the DC output to avoid damage. As soon as the fault condition is removed, the auto-reset circuitry will…

The Clear-Com PIC4000B IFB Program Interrupt Controller contains audio and switching circuitry for selecting 1 of 2 program signals, routing the signals to 4 independent talent channels and interrupting, with variable program attenuation, the signals from 1 or more control points. This unit contains the circuitry for selecting one of two program sources, sending the program to the IFB channels, and interrupting it via the Talent Control Station.

Clear-Com PIC4000B IFB Program…

The Clear-Com CS-222 is a portable main station with carrying handle, power supply, and a versatile intercom monitoring system. It supports two channels of intercom with up to 30 headset stations or 10 speaker stations. It features Clear-Com’s excellent speech intelligibility in both high and low noise environments.

Clear-Com CS222 Base Station Features

  • Portable, heavy-duty enclosure with carry handle
  • Supports up to 30 beltpacks or 10 speaker stations on 2 channels…

The Clear-Com MA-4 IFB Control Station gives individual interrupt control to four talent receivers, plus "all call" to simultaneously talk with all talent. The MA4 includes an attached gooseneck microphone, and the MA-4N is used in conjunction with the microphone of a Clear-Com intercom station through the "hot mic" output. Console- or rack-mountable.

The Clear-Com FreeSpeak-II is the next generation of license free wireless communication. Supporting up to 25 belt packs along side 10 antennas, the FreeSpeak II is the perfect go-to system for your wireless communication needs.


Nick Mesenbourg of Talamas shares why…

The 1.9Ghz transceiver antenna allows users with belt packs to roam freely without fear of losing connection to the FreeSpeak II base station. Each antenna can support up to 4 belt packs at a time, and offer a range up to 1,475 feet. Up to 10 antennas can be connected to the FreeSpeak II system using an antenna splitter.


The Clear-Com TR-50 IFB receiver is an amplified single-channel talent receiver that connects to the program-interrupt controller with standard microphone cable. The Clear Com TR-50 features a “mini” earphone jack. It is also useful for listen-only use with party-line intercom systems.

Clear-Com TR50 IFB Receiver Features

  • Earphone Type: Dynamic
  • Earphone Impedance: >30 ohms
  • Max. Output Level: +20 dBm
  • Power Required: 10 mA quiescent at 28 VDC…

The Comtek BST-25 Base Station IFB Transmitter was designed to meet the high demands of the broadcast, film production, and live entertainment industries. For use with the PR-25 TV 5-6.

Comtek BST-25 Base Station IFB Transmitter Features

  • 119 user-selectable channels in the TV-5 and TV-6 spectrum (76.2 to 87.8 MHz) to minimize interference with upper VHF and UHF wireless systems
  • Balanced mic or line level input with 60 dB of control range to accommodate any audio…

The Comtek PR-25 is a professional quality, wireless, headset monitor receiver designed to operate with the Comtek BST25 and BST50b base station transmitters. The standard Comtek PR-25 utilizes the unused TV channel 5 and 6 spectrum (76 to 88 MHz) under Part 74 of the FCC regulations. This receiver is used for TV studio production for IFB and talent cueing, local IFB with remote ENG truck, and in motion picture production for directors, boom-operators and for remote program monitoring or “…

The Comtek BST 25/216 Base is a professional quality, auxiliary base station transmitter designed to operate with the Phonak Invisity 4 synthesized receivers in the newly assigned 216-217 MHz band under Part 95 of the FCC regulations. The Comtek BST-25/216 MHz transmitter incorporates the latest digital and analog technologies to produce low residual noise, wide dynamic range, and extended frequency response rendering the most natural sound possible from a wireless system. This transmitter…

Surveillance Kit for use with the Motorola CP200 used by thousands of law enforcement agents, security companies, casinos and retailers world wide.  The IMPACT P1W professional grade 1 wire kit is the ideal solution for the professional user who can't afford using anything less than the best. 

Lightweight Headset Microphone for use with the Motorola CP200

A flexible, cost-effective solution for SMB locations and distributed workforce
Whether you’re an operator providing high-performance fixed wireless access to your SMB and residential customers, or an enterprise organization with distributed offices and remote employees, the FX2000 series is a great solution.

This compact indoor router delivers fast, reliable 5G/LTE broadband to homes and businesses. It offers support for private networks, including CBRS,…

MiFi M2000 is built for speed, with multi-gigabit 5G performance, Wi-Fi 6 technology (connecting up to 30 Wi-Fi devices) and fast, seamless 4G LTE fallback.

This groundbreaking gateway brings the power of 5G to AR/VR users, first responders, mobile workers, remote offices, high-speed streaming, gaming and many other applications.

It protects your connections with enterprise-grade security, including advanced…

Connect the JK Audio THAT-2 Telephone Handset Audio Tap between your telephone and handset for quick access to audio in and out of the telephone. The THAT2 is used by radio stations to record and play sound bytes, and by TV and film sound crews to get IFB dialog over phone lines.

The ​JK Audio THAT2 is the big brother of our model THAT-1, which is very popular with news reporters for its small yet rugged design. Over the years we’ve heard from many of our customers that they liked the…

The JK Audio Innkeeper 1x gets audio in and out of telephone lines. Its excellent caller audio does not exhibit the transmit / receive crosstalk common to analog hybrids, making it perfect for radio or television talk shows, teleconferencing, or auto-answer IFB feeds.

A digital hybrid such as the JK Audio Innkeeper 1x connects audio signals to a standard analog telephone line without the variations in quality found with analog hybrids. The main function of a hybrid is to bring in the…

The JK Audio RemoteMix 3 is a combined telephone line hybrid mixer and universal handset interface. JK Audio combined an audio mixer, headphone amplifier, telephone hybrid, and PBX telephone interface in one rugged unit. It’s perfect for remote broadcasts, sporting events, and field reporting from any location. Simply plug the JK Audio RemoteMix 3 into an analog phone line, connect a couple of microphones and headphones, and you’re ready to call into the station. 

Lectrosonics IFBR1A Wireless IFB Receiver Features

Wireless IFB (interruptible fold back) systems are used for talent cueing and crew communications in broadcast and motion picture production. In other cases, the IFB system is used by directors and other management to monitor program audio during a production. The IFB R1a receiver provides simplicity and flexibility in a package that is intuitive for untrained users to operate.

The receiver is housed in a rugged machined…

Wireless IFB (interruptible fold back) systems are used for talent cueing and crew communications in broadcast and motion picture production. In other cases, the IFB system is used by directors and other management to monitor program audio during a production. The Lectrosonics R1A Beltback IFB Receiver provides simplicity and flexibility in a package that is intuitive for untrained users to operate.

The Lectrosonics R1A receiver is housed in a rugged machined aluminum package. An…

The Lectrosonics SRb5P receiver offers two independent channels and fit into the standard video camera slots found on slot-equipped professional cameras by using the appropriate optional mounting kits. The two audio channels can feed separate inputs or can be mixed internally to feed a single input.

The Lectrosonics SRb5P includes a receiver front end with a more robust RF amplifier stage and tighter IF (intermediate frequency) filtering. The results are significant performance…

The Lectrosonics IFBT4 UHF transmitter was designed for use in broadcast, motion picture, theater, and stage applications where extended operating range and high quality audio are essential. The IFBT4 can be used as a stand-alone device or patched directly into popular intercom systems.

Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless™ systems overcome channel noise in a dramatically new way, digitally encoding the audio in the transmitter and decoding it in the receiver, yet still sending the…

The DCHT portable digital stereo transmitter is designed for use in film and TV production as both a wireless audio link from a bag or cart system to cameras and as a portable IFB transmitter paired with the Duet digital wireless M2R receiver packs

Motorola Shoulder Speaker Microphone for use with Motorola CP200


The CP200d radio connects your workforce efficiently and has the flexibility to grow with your business. By combining the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest analog and digital technology, the CP200d is perfect for the everyday user who wants to stay connected. It is fully compatible with the MOTOTRBO family of radios and has superior audio quality, outstanding coverage, long-lasting battery life and more. You can also choose the analog-only model, which gives you great voice…

You can have X-Pand and all the advantages of a Motorola Repeater with the Motorola GR1225 Two-Way Radio Repeater System. With 16 programmable channels, you can talk on either a 25 or a 12.5 kHz

Motorola GR1225 Two Way Radio Repeater System Features

  • 12.5/25 kHz Switchable Channel Spacing
  • X-Pand Technology
  • Built-in Basic Repeater Capabilities
  • 16 Channels
  • Output Power 1/10W or 25/50W VHF, 1/10W or 25/45W UHF
  • Courtesy "Over" Beep

Motorola CP200 Two-Way Radio Features

  • Tricolor LED indicator shows feedback of calling, scanning or monitoring features.
  • Large rotary channel selector switches channels quickly and easily.
  • Diecast chassis - small, lightweight, yet sturdy frame is built to withstand everyday wear and tear.
  • Scans for higher-priority channel.

The PSC Bell and Light System is a sure attention getter that will save time and money for producers and technicians alike. The heart of the system is a compact, rugged power supply that is designed to power up to 18 of our LED based Bell and Light Stations. This power supply contains provisions to allow ganging of additional power supplies should you have the need for very large systems. A single remote control will operate the entire system.

Each bell and Light Station is equipped…

The RTS 4030 IFB Beltpack is a listen only IFB earset station with two channels. The RTS 4030 contains electronics to provide a stereo audio signal to the user. The 4030 features volume controls in an extruded aluminum case.

RTS 4030 IFB Beltpack Features

  • Monaural Phone Jack for Headphone/Earset Connection to Channel Two
  • Power-On Indicator Confirms Connection to Powered Audio Channel
  • Separate Volume Control for Each Channel
  • Stereo Phone Jack for…

The RTS TW5W is a 1x5 dual channel 3-Pin XLR passive splitter for use in a hardwired intercom configuration. It features a rugged metal box for portable floor interconnect.

The RTS PS15 system power supply provides two independent output channels, one powered at 32VDC up to 1 amp and one "dry" and program audio in a hardwired intercom configuration. The RTS PS15 features unique circuitry that protect outputs from short circuit conditions with automatic and instantaneous recovery when short is removed. The RTS PS15 power supply powers an average of 15 stations. Packaged in rack by 1 RU all metal housing for added durability.

The RTS PS8 is a 4 Station, 2 Channel power supply for use in a hardwired intercom system. It is expandable up to 8 stations.

The RTS BP325 is a portable beltpack for use with RTS Two-Wire intercom systems. The RTS BP325 beltpack is a binaural (stereo) programmable two-channel beltpack with program-input capability. Please note that the RTS BP325 is for use with a dynamic microphone only.

RTS BP325 Beltpack Features

  • Call Function
  • Headset
  • Microphone Kill Detect
  • Powered Externally

The RTS MCE325 Two Channel Master Station is a four-channel, programmable intercom station. It may be used as a headset station or with the RTS MCS-325 modular speaker as a speaker station. It may be mounted in a console or equipment rack via optional mounting kits. The MCE 325 can be used with either two-wire or four-wire intercom lines, or a combination of both. The MCE 325 can be interfaced to a variety of external devices including external program sources, two-way radios, paging systems…

The ADX1M is a wireless bodypack transmitter compatible with Axient Digital Wireless Systems.

ADX transmitters feature wide tuning up to 184 MHz, interference protection, advanced rechargeability, streamlined design, and ShowLink remote control for real-time parameter adjustments right from the booth all in a contoured form factor and light weight construction that offer both comfort and heat resistance.

The Sound Devices 552 Five-Channel Portable Mixer is the most technologically advanced portable audio mixer ever made. Using the best analog and digital technologies, along with advanced mechanical construction, the Sound Devices 552 gives professionals a superb sounding, compact, lightweight and power-efficient mixer that is equally at home in simple run-and-gun applications or in complex multi-input , multi-output production setups.

The Sound Devices 552 Mixer contains five precision…

The Sound Devices 633 is a six-input mixer with integrated 10-track recorder. It includes Sound Devices’ proprietary PowerSafe technology and a unique four-way power supply for maximum operational runtime. The 633 has a full complement of I/O designed into a compact, portable device, ideal for over-the-shoulder applications.

Sound Devices 633 Field Mixer Features

  • Six analog inputs (3+3); three full-featured mic/line preamps plus three line-level inputs, each with dedicated…

The Sound Devices SL-6 Powering and Wireless system is an optional attachment that works inconjunction with the Sound Devices 688 16-Track Recorder. The SL-6 simplifies interconnection between the 688 and multiple channels of wireless by accepting three dual-channel slot-in receivers. The SL-6 offers all powering and audio interconnection for standard slot-in receivers and additional control and monitoring when used with SuperSlot-compatible receivers. The SL-6 easily attaches directly to…

The Telos Link Telephone to Intercom Interface solves the problem of interconnecting production intercom systems with dial-up telephone lines. Anyone with access to a telephone, even a cellular phone, can instantly and automatically be connected with your intercom. Digital auto-nulling hybrids on both the telephone and intercom audio paths allows connections to be made without the usual gain and feedback problems, while maintaining natural, full-duplex operation. The result is significantly…

Telos One Telephone Hybrid Features

  • All processing is performed completely in the digital domain.
  • An advanced digital auto-nulling hybrid with excellent send audio rejection. Trans-hybrid loss is typically greater than 40dB, so very pure caller audio appears at the output. The Telos ONE automatically adapts to each new call.
  • An input gain processor with a smart, floating freeze-gain gate.
  • A sophisticated output gain processor that provides level control…

Production Intercom - On The Devices You Already Own 

Unity Intercom is a Full Duplex comms system that connects remotely over WiFi or Cellular data. Unity Intercom has two parts, the Unity Client apps which run on mobile devices and the Server software installed on a Mac. Unity Intercom supports features like Dante and other I/O integration.  Connect your internal intercom over the net.

More Features

  • Up to 128n PL channels and 64 groups.
  • Private off-PL user-to…

Stream video, email friends and browse the web using the power of America’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network. The Wifi Hotspot—AC791L connects Wi–Fi–enabled devices and supports the latest in bandwidth, speed and performance.