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The Lambda is a Nodal Swing Head ideally suited for 35mm digital cinema cameras fully equipped with long lenses, mattebox, etc.

Providing a high level of operational flexibility, this Fluid Head can be easily fitted to a wide range of supports including tripods, dollies, cranes and camera cars. The mounting can be inverted in under-slung position for low line positioning and allow the camera to be moved all the way to the ground and provide for accurate images which…

The innovative lightweight LAMBDA 25 represents the ideal solution for Cameras up the 25 kg (55 lbs). 

LAMBDA 25 inherits all the classic LAMBDA features with the addi on of pan and lt pierced rotation
axis to allow the cable passage and a no limit multiple 360 rotation. 

The patented CARTONI Fluid drag system is continuous on both axis. 

The LAMBDA 25 Head can be mounted on any classic support as Tripods or Dollies or used in underslung position from…

A third axis for Lambda 25

Allows nodal setting in 3 axis of rotation as if included in a sphere, can be mounted on existing Lambda 25 by simply disassembling the 2 L shaped frames and inserting the Dutch axis in between.

Ideal for underslung use on dollies or cranes.

Two counterweights of 1 kg each complete the package.