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Harlan Bosmajian
Local 600 Director of Photography | Junction

“Working with Talamas was like going to a tailor to get fitted for a new suit.  They learned about the film we were making, made suggestions about new lenses and camera support that would fit our budget, and helped us get the look we needed for the film.   The Talamas technical support staff was helpful throughout our prep, knowledgeable about all the gear and most importantly were very engaged during the whole check-out and production process.  The ease of communication with Talamas throughout the production gave me so much peace of mind, that I knew if we needed to get any additional piece of gear for a day’s filming that it would be on the truck the next morning.  The footage turned out great, the film sold, and recently won Best Narrative Feature at the San Diego and Portland film festivals.  That new suit fit like a glove!  Thank you Talamas.”

Visionaries Events, Inc.
Joseph A. Rogers
Executive Producer | Visionaries Events, Inc.

"Anyone who owns a small business knows you can’t do it all. Talamas has been a trusted vendor for as long as I can remember. They provide the expertise that I need and equipment that supplements my own. I know when I call Talamas I will be well cared for and my clients will benefit. "

Harvard Department of Neuro Opthamology
Drenushe Krasniqi
Department of Neuro-Ophthalmology | Harvard

"Our experience with Talamas truly elevated our Neuro-Ophthalmology Conference at Harvard Medical School in Boston. Renting a professional camera from them was a total win for us. Right from our first chat with their fantastic team to picking up the camera, Talamas made everything super smooth.

The camera they provided was top-notch, capturing every detail we needed for our presentations. It felt like Talamas really understood our needs and went the extra mile to make sure we got the best equipment and that they made sure we were comfortable using the equipment. The whole process was a breeze, and it made a significant impact on our conference. We want to give a big shoutout to Talamas – thanks for being our behind-the-scenes heroes! If you're in need of camera rentals, these guys are the real deal. Highly recommended!"

Ryan Doris Filmmaker
Ryan Doris

"I’ve been using Talamas gear since 2014 and they have never disappointed. I’ve taken their gear into the mountains of Bolivia, the savannahs of Kenya, kitchens across New Zealand, salmon farms in Chilean Patagonia and all over the United States on countless productions. It doesn’t matter if the project is a documentary, commercial or narrative film, Talamas is always my first call. Their team provides creative solutions, tech support in the field, and the right gear to help me capture the best images that tell the story perfectly. The success of my projects is, in no small part, thanks to their support."

Media Boss
Ian Barrett
Creative Director | MEDIABOSS

“For over a decade MediaBoss has relied on Talamas for more than just gear, they are a production partner. We strive to deliver the highest quality content for our clients and Talamas understands that. Sometimes that means deep research and creative solutions. Scott Lebeda is our first call and he always delivers. Great team, great gear.” 

Source 1AV
Matt Klicker
Executive Producer | Source1AV LLC

"The team at Talamas has been a go to resource for us going back many years. We know we can count on them for many specialty items which are always in excellent condition and ready to go. And the staff is ready to help no matter the order size, one or two items to fill in the gaps or a larger more complicated order to fill out an entire production, each challenge it met with responsiveness and professionalism. They’ve even gone so far as to help us track down items form their long list of resources for out-of-town markets when we wire in a pinch during the busiest parts of the year. I’m looking forward to working with the Talamas team for many years to come."

Jake Gilbertson
Equipment Manager | AVFX

"Talamas has been an invaluable partner for AVFX for many years. Both on the rental and sales side, the customer support and technical know how that the staff at Talamas provides is second to none. When our clients request changes at the eleventh hour or even once an event has already begun, the staff at Talamas is always available at a moment’s notice to help us navigate those challenges.

The customer service that we receive is excellent. From the shop staff all the way to ownership, their crew has repeatedly demonstrated their ability to go above and beyond for their clients. I look forward to working with them and growing our business relationship for many years to come."

Midnight Brunch
Matt Parola
Executive Producer | Midnight Brunch

"The Midnight Brunch team has been using Talamas for many years now and as we have grown Talamas has continually helped us by advising on the best equipment for the job, from our smallest to our largest projects in event, livestream, commercial, and documentary. Their timeliness has saved us on many a last-minute request and the equipment is always in great condition and setup for exactly as needed for the gig. Highly recommend working with the team at Talamas."