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Clear-Com PS-22 Two Channel Power Supply with Program Input

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Product Details
  • AC Cord

The Clear-Com PS22 power supply supports two intercom channels containing up to 30 headset stations or 10 speaker stations. in a hardwired intercom configuration. The PS-22 features Clear-Com’s failsafe power-supply design for maximum reliability. In the event of a DC short circuit or current overload, the PS-22’s electronic overload protection circuit will instantly shut down the DC output to avoid damage. As soon as the fault condition is removed, the auto-reset circuitry will automatically restore system power, even under full load conditions. There is no need to disconnect stations to allow the power supply to reset.

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Clear-Com PS22 Power Supply Features

  • Light, small, rugged, and portable, with carry handle
  • “Intelligent” power sensing
  • Provides system power, line termination, and program feeds for 2-channel system
  • Automatic short-circuit protection and reset
  • “Short” and “Good” power indicators
  • Front-panel “Link” switch to operate as one-channel system
  • Program input with selectable channel assignments and individual level controls
  • Can be paralleled with other power supplies and main stations for increased capacity or backup support
  • One-amp power supply capacity
  • Switchable 115/230 VAC
  • Portable or rackmount
  • UL approved