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Comtek BST-25 Base Station IFB Transmitter

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The Comtek BST-25 Base Station IFB Transmitter was designed to meet the high demands of the broadcast, film production, and live entertainment industries. For use with the PR-25 TV 5-6.

Comtek BST-25 Base Station IFB Transmitter Features

  • 119 user-selectable channels in the TV-5 and TV-6 spectrum (76.2 to 87.8 MHz) to minimize interference with upper VHF and UHF wireless systems
  • Balanced mic or line level input with 60 dB of control range to accommodate any audio level or can also operate from intercom feed line
  • Bright, single-window, LED display for exact frequency and channel, VU meter, and special function indicators. Display can be turned off to conserve power when battery operated
  • Switchable EQ circuit for superb speech intelligibility or full range high fidelity for remote monitoring of mixer output
  • Audio processing system can operate companded (2:1 compression) or non-companded to accommodate a greater variety of receivers