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The ARRI MMB-1 Mini Matte Box is the first mattebox designed for smaller-sized HD camera bodies. The ARRI MMB-1 is the only small form-factor mattebox allowing for use of three filters, including one fully-rotatable round, with the new wide-angle Fujinon XS8x4mm zoom for the Sony EX-3. It can be configured as a clip-on or rodded matte box.

The ARRI LMB-25 is a clamp-on matte box that expands the feature set and creative possibilities of the LMB-15, while retaining the low price tag of an entry-level LMB-5.

ARRI LMB-25 Light Weight Mattebox Features

  • 2- or 3-filter metal filter stage guide
  • Combo 4x4 / 4x5.65" filter frames
  • Compatible with all LMB-5/15 filter frames, Clamp Adapters and light shields
  • Wide angle hood easily removable on set with captive screws
  • Securing loop on…

The ARRI MMB-2 is a very lightweight and compact matte box. The reduction/ Clamp-on rings are made out of composite material and are designed to clamp the Mini Matte Box MMB-2 on Cine style lenses. The reduction/ Clamp-on rings are not suitable for Stills photography lenses with a front filter thread. The stills Lens Clamp-on Rings screw on the front filter thread of Stills lenses to offer a standard front diameter of 114mm. The Stills Lens Clamp-on Rings can be used as straight clamp-on…

The ARRI LMB-15 is the perfect choice for those requiring a lightweight clamp-on mattebox solution. The 4 x 5.65 horizontally oriented filter trays slide into heavy duty machined guides with ease. The LMB-15 can be rapidly configured for two or three stage capacity.

The LMB-15 is compatible with LMB-5 filter trays, clamp adapter backs and carbon fiber light shields. For greater flexibility, the new 130mm back also works with clamp-on rings from the MB-20 system. The LMB-15 accepts…

The ARRI LMB-4A is a 6.6"x6.6" lightweight matte box. The ARRI LMB-4A is designed for extreme wide angle lenses and can only be used by clipping on the lens directly. It will fit lens diameters of a range from 80mm – 130mm these include Zeiss and Cooke lenses. The ARRI LMB-4A has a wide shade that also fits the ARRI/Zeiss Ultra Prime 8R.

The Chrosziel MB 415 Wide Angle Matte Box mounts on 15mm support rods and includes a top mounted French flag and two filter stages. Both filters can be rotated and fixed in any vertical position. The second stage rotates up to 360°, depending on the size of the filter. Two multi-format filter-holder are also included, one for 4 x 4" or 4 x 5.65" and second for 5 x 5" or 4 x 5.65" filters. A third stage inside the rubber bellows accepts round filters with a 138mm diameter.

Rent our Chrosziel 4×5.65 Clip On Matte Box.  

This Chrosziel mattebox is designed specifically for Fujinon & Canon F4.5 zoom lenses.

4×5.65″ 2 stage matte box with 138mm rotating stage