November 29, 2023 - 3:00pm
Thank you for joining us for this event. WHEN: 3:00PM, Wednesday, November 29 WHERE: 280 Bear Hill Road,Waltham, MA var exampleCallback = function() { console.log('Order complete!'); }; window.EBWidgets.createWidget({ // Required widgetType: 'checkout', eventId: '756242259957', iframeContainerId: 'eventbrite-widget-container-756242259957', // Optional iframeContainerHeight: 425, // Widget height in pixels. Defaults to a minimum of 650px if not provided onOrderComplete: exampleCallback // Method called when an order has successfully completed });Read more
Thank you for joining us for this event. Date: October 25th 2023 Time: 6:30 Social, 7 to 9pm Masterclass Topic: Wireless DMX Masterclass Free Event in person and zoom. Presenter: Ben Heald - Director of Photography & Gaffer Bio: For more than 15 years, Ben Heald has worked in the New England Film Industry as a Cinematographer and a Gaffer, these roles inform each other. As a Gaffer, Ben has learned under some remarkably talented DPs, always growing and gaining experience for his own work. Gaffing allows Ben to work hands on with the newest equipment and to see the process from another...Read more
September 27, 2023 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Thank you for joining us at this great event, A Journey through the Camera Department We are pleased to present in conjunction with The Secret Society of Black Creatives. Join to learn from and explore the different paths to the camera department from these accomplished professionals. September 27, 2PM to 4PM Talamas - 280 Bear Hill Road Waltham, MA and Zoom Craig Wrobleski ASC,CSC. In his 30-plus years behind the camera Craig Wrobleski csc has served as cinematographer on productions of nearly every description. Learn More Rui Lopes Co-Founder • CEO of Anawan Studios Learn More Julia Liu •...Read more
Thank you for attending this event. ARRI Pro Camera Accessories Workshop for 1st AC’s, Cam Ops and Students Workshop helping 1st AC's, Cam Ops and Students to learn more about ARRI’s mechanical and electronic accessories for ARRI, Sony and RED cameras. Where and when : Tuesday August 15, 2023 1pm – 4pm Talamas 280 Bear Hill Rd, Waltham, MA About this event Join ARRI's Philip Vischer and Michael Best for a workshop designed to help 1st AC's, Cam Ops and Students learn more about ARRI's mechanical and electronic accessories. During the workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to learn tips...Read more
February 9, 2023 - 12:00pm to 4:00pm
Lectrosonics Digital Wireless Workshop
Thank you for attending the SMPTE event for a Lectrosonics Digital Wireless Workshop presented by Blair Johnson, Integration Specialist and Technical Representative of Lectrosonics. When: Thursday, February 9, 12pm - 4pm Where: Talamas, 280 Bear Hill Road, Waltham, MARead more
September 28, 2022 - 6:00pm
SMPTE New Technology Meeting at Talamas
Date: September 28, 2022 Time: 6:00 PM SOCIAL & REFRESHMENTS 7:00 PM TECHNICAL PRESENTATIONS Where: Talamas, 280 Bear Hill Road, Waltham, MA - In Person & Streamed via ZoomRead more