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We've moved! We are excited to serve you at our spacious location in Waltham. Designed for digital cinema, we have an expanded check out area with four bays and a vastly improved projection room. A...Read more
Hey All, Nick from Talamas here, and in today’s post I will be showing you how to map a lens with the Preston HU3. We map all lenses in our inventory as well as sub-hired lenses. In the main menu of...Read more


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The eMotimo Spectrum ST4, when combined with a DanaDolly, gives you 4-axis of control with up to 15lbs of payload.… https://t.co/xdw0CJ9ut1
To commemorate and honor Martin Luther King Jr Day, our office will be closed on Monday, January 17. https://t.co/SMauFGsijm