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This cast aluminum Hi Hat works with all professional fluid heads with a 100mm ball mount. The 3 legs are drilled with 3/8" holes for mounting it to a wood or metal plate. The overall height is 6".

The Sachtler Hi-Hat features a 100mm Bowl.   Suitable for O'Conner 1030, Sachtler Video 20 and Video 18 tripod heads.

With a payload of 2 to 22 kg (4 to 48 lbs), the Sachtler 7 + 7 HD Fluid Head is suitable for many HD and film production requirements. The Cine 7+7 HD fluid head is equipped with a sideload clamp for the camera plate. The 150mm long sliding range of the camera plate offers the advantage of an easy, lateral loading of the fluid head with the pre-mounted camera set-up. The 16-step counterbalance guarantees fast balancing of the camera system. Additionally, the payload can be switched between "…

The Sachtler Video 18 Tripod System brings together the update of a classic fluid head with a quick-action, double extension tripod to provide a professional level of support for today's news-gathering videographer. Whether you're shooting with a large ENG camcorder or the latest video DSLR, this system--which also includes mid-level spreaders, rubber feet, and a padded carry bag--will give you the quick, easy balance and flexible control you need.

The Sachtler Video 20 Tripod System combines a classic fluid head with a heavy duty, double extension tripod to provide a new standard of quality and support. This system is perfect for today's busy, news-gathering videographer. When used with both large ENG Camcorders, and Video ready DSLRs.This system will provide flexible control, easy balance, and security.

The Sachtler DA-100 K one stage dural aluminum ENG tripod, has a maximum height of 10.6-inch and offers stability for extremely low shooting positions. It features a 100mm / 4" bowl, tube diameter of 16mm (0.63") and is fitted with the Sachtler rotary clamping system. With a load capacity of 88 lb, provides enough support for today's cameras, which are in demand in the news acquisition field.