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The JAB V2 Variable has an adjustable color temperature range of 3,000°K to 6,000°K and develops an output of 2,100 fc @ 10 feet. Most remarkable is the Variable draws only 1.78 amp of power at full output, and can be operated at 28.8v DC battery power in situations where conventional A/C supply is problematic or non-existent. Like all AAdynTech fixtures, the Variable generates no heat or harmful UV or IR emissions, is self-contained with an auto-ranging universal power supply requiring no…

The AC Stinger 25 feet is 12 gauge(AWG) cable terminated in a 15 amp edison plug.

The AC Stinger 50 feet is 12 gauge(AWG) cable terminated in a 15 amp edison plug.

This cast aluminum Hi-Hat works with the extra long tiedowns used on Bogen and Sachtler fluid heads. The 3 legs are drilled with 3/8" holes for mounting it to a wood or metal plate. The overall height is 6 1/4".

American Grip 2-Rise Baby Roller Features

  • 3/4" x 20" Leg
  • Min Height: 54"
  • Max Height: 12' 6"
  • Material: All Steel
  • # of Risers: 3
  • Weight: 17.25 lbs
  • Leg Dimensions: 3/4"x3/4"x20"
  • Rocky Mountain Leg: Yes

American Grip E-Z Travel Frames are made from 3/8" Stainless Steel Tubing and connector pins. An elastic cord keeps all the pieces together. The E-Z Travel Bag is 1000 denier Textured Nylon with a yellow polyester interior.

The American Grip 6X6 Butterfly Kit features both Cloths and Frames and includes 2 Baby Pin Ears.

American Grip 6X6 Butterfly Kit features

  • Solid
  • Double Net
  • Single Net
  • Silk

The American Grip 8X8 Butterfly Kit features both Cloths and Frames and includes 2 Baby Pin Ears.

American Grip 8X8 Butterfly Kit

  • Solid
  • Double Net
  • Single Net
  • Silk

The American Grip Butterfly Kit 12X12 features both Cloths and Frames and includes 2 Elephant Ears.

American Grip 12X12 Butterfly Kit features

  • Solid
  • Double Net
  • Single Net
  • Silk

The American Grip RS10 Heavy Duty Combo 3 Rise Stand has a Rocky Mountain leg for leveling on rough terrain. The stand has a min. height of 44", a max height 12' 5", and weighs 12.25 lbs.

We offer a wide selection of apple boxes including full apple, half apple, quarter apple, pancake (eighth Apple), and more.

The Aputure MC 4-Light Travel Kit is designed for guerrilla and travel filmmakers. Bundling convenient wireless chargers into a durable hard shell case, that’s slim enough to fit in a camera bag or backpack, ensures that your lights will always be ready to spring into action when you are.


The Aputure MC is Aputure’s first RGBWW film light. This light features full HSI color control and a CCT range of 3200K-6500K, giving you a full…

The 600d Pro can output 8,500 lux at 3 meters (10 feet). With the F10 Fresnel modifier, the combination can reach an illuminance of 29,300 lux at 3 meters in 15° spot. With a maximum power draw of 720W, the 600d Pro is on par with industry-standard HMI lights.

The M18 combines MAX Technology, True Blue features and a new 1800 W lamp. The result is an exciting new class of HMI that can be powered from most domestic sockets. It is as small as a 1200 W PAR lamphead but with 70% higher light output. Adjustable from 20° to 60° beam angle, the M18 can also be used with 1200 W lamps.
Please specify if you would like the light lamped as 1800 W or 1200 W.

- Lens-less MAX Technology: Easy to use

- New 1800 W lamp

- Virtually the…

ARRI continues to broaden their LED line and reaffirm their commitment to accurate color rendering with the introduction of the SkyPanel S60-C LED Softlight. 

Supported by a steel yoke, the panel surface area measures 25.4 x 11.8" and employs interchangeable thermoplastic diffusers that range from Lite to Heavy to soften the light and wrap its output around your subject.  The SkyPanel outputs the equivalent of a 2,000W tungsten soft light while drawing a maximum of only 450W…

The ARRI 650 Watt Plus Tungsten Fresnel is ideal for use where compact, lightweight tungsten Fresnel spotlights are required, especially in small studios where grid height is a problem. Classic ARRI construction, using corrosion-resistant, extruded, die cast aluminium, maximises body strength while maintaining the light weight of a location fixture. Despite the small size of ARRI Fresnels, their short focal length, wide angle lenses produce impressive light output and good light distribution…

The Chimera LED Lightbank is lightweight, collapsible, easy to use and long lasting. Chimera LED Lightbanks are the perfect way to get the most out of your LED technology, and still create beautiful, diffused talent-friendly light. 

The Chimera light bank adapter converts a Lowel Omni Light to a Soft Light.

The Kino Flo Mini-Flo Light Kit, sometimes called a “car kit,” can be found most often lighting night time car interiors and other small areas. However, over the years, the Mini-Flo’s unique lightweight and color control features have endeared it to video and broadcast lighting designers as a cool, efficient chin light for speakers at a podium or news anchors in a TV studio. The new breed of Mini-Flo is available with single or two-light dimming ballasts, plus a choice of 9” or 12” fixture…

The Kino Flo Micro-Flo Light Kit is a 12VDC portable softlight most often seen in feature films and commercial productions lighting space helmets, hand-held beverages or perfume bottles, and other scenes difficult to light with conventional sources. Mini-Flos come in two sizes: 100mm (4”) and 150mm (6”). Colors include daylight and tungsten balanced lamps, as well as pink, green and blue designer hues. The Micro-Flo ballast is flicker-free, dead quiet and remote. It’s small enough to fit in…

The Kino Flo Celeb 200 DMX LED light fixture features the cool, energy efficient qualities that lighting professionals have come to expect from Kino Flo. The Celeb 200 DMX LED also boasts technical innovations that make it an ideal professional imaging tool: a dial-in variable color temperature control, full-range dimming and programmable 2700K to 5500K presets. Light levels do not change when selecting Kelvin settings.

Like the vaunted, award-winning line of…

Lastolite Chromakey Collapsible Green Screen Features

  • Lastolite's collapsible chromakey was specifically designed for wider shots and groups.
  • Fabric background with a collapsible spring steel frame.
  • Collapses down to a third of its actual size.
  • Completely crease free.
  • Fast to set up and break down.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.

The daylight balanced Litepanels Sola 4 LED Fresnel Light offers the controllability and light-shaping properties inherent in a Fresnel light at a small fraction of the power draw of conventional fixtures. Like the rest of Sola Series, Sola 4 provides Litepanels’ famous full-spectrum quality light.

Litepanels Sola 4 LED Fresnel Light Features

  • A true Fresnel fixture that produces soft, directional illumination
  • Litepanels proprietary heat-free LED technology…

The Litepanels 1x1 LS Bi-Color LED Light panel fixture offers dependable, soft, direction light. To more directly address the specific needs of field productions, the 1x1 LS Bi-Color LED Light maintains key features such as flicker-free analog dimming, AC or DC power options and rugged build quality, but without the studio-specific components such as DMX control and Remote Control Dimming. The 1x1 LS Bi-Color features the ability to dial in color temperatures…

The LitePanels MicroPro LED Camera Light runs off 6 standard AA batteries. The MicroPro daylight on-camera lighting fixtures harness the company’s proprietary LED technology in ultra-lightweight, compact package. With twice the illumination of the Litpanels Micro, the LitePanels MicroPro LED Camera Light offers luminous, soft, directional lighting, with the same warmth and great color characteristics that made Litepanels an integral part of television, broadcast news & motion…

The compact Litepanels MiniPlus LED light fits easily on a camera, a stand, or elsewhere. Fully flicker-free, this unit offers output that is 3 times more efficient than a conventional tungsten camera light! Plus it's heat-free, and infinitely dimmable from 0 to 100%, with virtually no shift in color. The 5600°K Flood provides a 50 degree spread.

Gemini 2x1 Soft Panel (US powerCon)

The industry’s most accurate and versatile 2x1 soft panel, Max. power draw (Watts): 325W

The Litepanels Gemini is a 2x1 LED panel and providing a nice wide soft source of color accurate illumination. Staying true to the Litepanels legacy, the Gemini has accurate full spectrum Daylight and Tungsten lighting. The Gemini also allows for additional quick and easy adjustment by offering full featured 3 lighting modes full color with hue and…

The ASTRA 1x1 Bi-Color panel builds on the legacy of the original 1x1 fixture, which revolutionized the lighting industry. This innovative daylight to tungsten tunable color model was years in the making, with every design element of this next generation panel being meticulously crafted. Following the Litepanels tradition of a one square foot form factor, the ASTRA series is designed with select premium quality, high CRI, surface mount LEDs and paired with custom designed TIR optics.…

The Litepanels 1x1 Bi-Color flood lets you adjust color temperature instantly so you can adapt to different shooting conditions and skin tones on the fly. Like all Litepanels 1x1 lights, the Bi-Color has a full-range dimmer, remains cool to the touch, runs on AC or an optional snap-on battery, and produces a great, soft-wrapping light quality.

Litepanels 1x1 Bi-Color is the first professional light to utilize both 3200°K and 5600°K LEDs in a single housing. This revolutionary new…

The daylight-balanced Litepanels Sola 6 LED Fresnel Light provides the controllability and light-shaping properties inherent in a Fresnel light, with the advantages of LED technology. The Sola 6 draws a small fraction of the power draw of conventional Fresnel fixtures, and like the rest of Sola Series, it provides Litepanels’ famous full-spectrum quality light.

More Litepanels Sola 6 LED Fresnel Light Features

  • Integrated DMX module with RJ45 (Ethernet)…

The Standard of professional LED lighting just got brighter
The Astra 6X Daylight panel builds on the popularity of the Astra 1x1 Family, the next generation of LED panels from the lighting professionals who revolutionized the lighting industry. The innovative Astra family of LED panels were years in the making, with every design element of these next generation panels being meticulously crafted. Following the Litepanels tradition of a one square foot form factor, the Astra series is…

The LTM Pepper 100 Fresnel Light is capable of using either a 100 Watt (ESR) or 200W Watt (FEV) bulb. Use it as an eye light, an accent light, or a light to tuck into really small spaces.

The Magliner MAG-01 JR-X Magliner Junior Cart is the most widely used handtruck in the equipment handling industry today. The Magliner Converted Junior Cart is made with the Camera Assistant, Sound, Photographer and Steadi-Cam Operator in mind.

Magliner MAG-01 JR-X Converted Magliner Junior Cart Features:

  • Material: Aluminum/Steel
  • (2) 8" 4-Ply Tires and (2) 10" 4-Ply Tires

The Manfrotto Avenger Maxi Stand A635B is a versatile, hardworking lightweight aluminum stand with 4 sections, 3 risers. It is quick to set up, and very stable.

The Manfrotto Variable Friction Magic Arm is a fully articulated arm with 90° pivotable and 360° rotatable ends, and an elbow that rotates 360°. The knob allows partial loosening for safe and precise positioning of a light head or camera. It has 5/8" studs on ball joints at both ends with 3/8 and 1/4" female threads. It requires a Super Clamp or Base (available separately) for use.

The Matthews Studio Equipment 3-Rise Beefy Baby Stand leg supports now fold down. Legs are made of steel instead of aluminum to provide greater stability and longer wear. The top riser which is the smallest in diameter is also made of steel increasing its strength and permitting the 5/8" Baby Pin to be welded directly to the riser instead of being pinned.

Flags are square or rectangular frames with mounting pins attached and covered with a solid cloth material. They can be used to protect the camera lens from flares or to control spill light from other sources, or to keep light from reaching certain areas on the set. Most Matthews flags use only a single, horizontally angled support arm which allows for 'close-in', right angle, tight positioning over set walls and interlocking of flags to establish a tightly controlled spread of light.

Flags are square or rectangular frames with mounting pins attached and covered with a solid cloth material. They are used to control light, whether natural or artificial. Flags can be used to protect the camera lens from flares or to control spill light from other sources, or to keep light from reaching certain areas on the set.

Most Matthews flags use only a single, horizontally angled support arm which allows for 'close-in', right angle, tight positioning over set walls and…

The Matthews Studio Equipment 40 inch C Stand with Grip Head and Arm is a stable light stand almost ubiquitous in production environments.

30 Years in Development...

During the past thirty plus years Matthews Studio Equipment has supplied the production community with heavy-duty VATOR cranking stands. From LoBoy VATORS to the SUPER Crank-O-Vators, productions around the world have learned to trust Matthews VATORS for reliable, robust and strong large fixture support.

Matthews now introduces the next generation of VATOR stands: VATOR III. The VATOR III family of dependable, safe, cranking stands continues the…

The Matthews Studio Equipment 4X floppy is a 4X4 Solid flag with extra 4' fold down of duvatine. Floppies are Cutters which have an extra layer of material sewn to one edge and held in place with Velcro.

The Litepanels Micro LED Light runs off standard AA batteries. An integrated dimmer dial conveniently located at the top of the Micro housing puts instant 100% to 0 dimming with minimal color shift right at the operator's fingertips. Output is flicker-free and heat- free and remains consistent. For additional control, a flip down filterholder allows for work with the three included color/diffusion gels.

The Yaeger and Sons Junior Case Carts are made of heavy duty aluminum and they knock down to a compact travel case. They assemble or disassemble easily in minutes. This model has 8″ pneumatic casters, two swivel with brakes and two rigid. The wheels are removable by design and feature quick clips. Non-corrosive lightweight aluminum & carpeted shelves with 3″ lips. Dual-purpose pin handles for easy handling as well as for wrapping power cords.

The Sachtler DV6 SB Fluid Head relies on step switching for even faster and finer counterbalance of a camera system.

More Sachtler DV6 SB Fluid Head Features

  • Temperature range -40° to +60° C / -40 to +140° F
  • Camera fitting Touch & Go Plate DV
  • Tripod/Pedestal fitting 75 mm bowl, integrated flat base fitting
  • Level self-illuminating Touch Bubble

The ARRI AS-2 is a black anodized aluminum lightweight stand measuring at 34.5" folded. The ARRI AS-2 extends to 8'6" and weighs 3.2 lbs. 

The Matthews Studio Equipment Baby Jr. 2 Rise Roller Stand is for small fixtures which require a 5/8 in mounting pin. This stand has steel legs and riser. The tripod brace base, with all axis locking casters provides great stability.

The Baby Pipe Clamp fastens to pipes with diameters of 0.39 to 2.16". It has a 5/8" mounting stud and a load capacity of 220.46 lb (100 kg). A safety cable is included. pipe Clamps have a uniquely designed hook that keeps the clamp on the pipe even with a light fixture attached.

Also known as Baby Nail-On. A steel plate with a Baby (5/8") Pin welded to it and holes drilled in each corner for screwing or nailing to a set wall or studio floor. On the East Coast these are often referred to as 750 or Baby Pigeons.

The Bead Board Holder, also known as quacker/duckbill/platypus/onky-bonk/lips, is the best way to secure bead board in a stand. Vise grips with oversize jaws and a 5/8" diameter stud for mounting in a grip stand.

This Drop Ceiling Cable Hook will easily rig on to ceiling rails and frames for your hanging needs. A screw with handle allows you to adjust the width of the scissor clip for easy installation as well as for fitments. 

Jaws right at the base of the baby pin for more stable mounting of heavier lamps, etc. Knob and one jaw are removable on this clamp. Same jaws & pads as 2E.

Center Jaw Cardellini Clamp Specifications

  • Jaw width: 3"
  • Jaw capacity: 2"
  • Shaft length: 7"
  • Weight: 20 oz.

The End Jaw Cardellini Clamp features patented design jaws on one end and baby pin on the other. Slips into tight spaces for mounting lights. Grabs a multitude of shapes. Secure griping with replaceable rubber jaw pads. Good for grabbing objects which are then mounted in a C-stand.

End Jaw Cardellini Clamp Specifications

  • Jaw width: 3"
  • Jaw capacity: 2"
  • Shaft length: 7"
  • Weight: 20 oz. 

The Gator Grip (gator clamp) is the same as a Gaffer Grip; a clamp with a jaw equipped with 12 rubber gripping pads that protect the surface being clamped and provide greater clamping ability.

The 2-1/2" Grip Head (aka gobo head) is without a doubt, the most used piece of grip equipment used by grips for film, Digital, still, and video shoots. It's an indispensable tool of the trade. Grip Heads feature two holes of 3/8" and 5/8" diameter and castings that offer positive lock in all directions.

The Junior to Baby Pin Adapter fits into heavy duty aluminum or steel light stands with combo heads or the turtle base of a C-Stand and can be used with other grip accessories as a baby or junior stud. Either end of the adapter will allow use of lights or accessories with baby or junior receivers.

With a padded grip surface and a unique design combining one flat and one v-notched jaw, Mafer Clamps are used to attach fixtures and equipment to a variety of irregular surfaces including furniture.

Sandbags are made of 1000 denier Black Textured Nylon with a water resistant polyurethane coating on the inside, triple sewn with a safety strip at the bottom. Sand is encapsulated in a 3 mi poly inner bag, which is heat sealed. Sandbags are manufactured with both a carry handle and a butterfly handle of polypropylene webbing.

The drop ceiling Scissor clamp attaches to all standard drop-ceiling frameworks and has a 3" long 5/8" aluminum baby spud which can be used to attach lights or grip heads too.

Material has grommets for tieing to frame. 12'x 12' Double Scrim / Net (black) with Bag. Size: 12ft. x 12ft. Reduces light 1.2 f-stop.

Used for a chroma key background. Material has grommets for tieing to frame. Rent the 12x Green Screen. 12'x12' Chroma Green Screen. Size: 12ft. x 12ft.

Softens and diffuses direct light. Also introduces a significant amount of ambient bounce. Reduces light output 1.6 f stops. Material has grommets for tieing to frame. Silk White Artificial. 12ft. x 12ft.

Material has grommets for tieing to frame. 12'x12' Single Scrim / Net (black) with Bag. Size: 12ft. x 12ft. Reduces Light .6 f-stop.

Black, Flame Retardant, Blocks 100% of light. Size: 12ft x 12ft

This is a Non collapsible unit for use with 12 x 12 Rags and diffusion of your choice to control light. 144" x144" Aluminum Flat Open Frame w/ 5/8" Pin.

48"x48"x1"x1/4" Aluminum Flat Open Frame w/ 5/8" Pin This is a Non collapsible unit for use with 4x4 Rags, gels and diffusion of your choice to control light.

Used for a chroma key background. Material has grommets for tieing to frame. 6'x6' Chroma Green Screen. Size: 6ft. x 6ft.

Used for a chroma key background. Material has grommets for tieing to frame. 8'x8' Chroma Green Screen. Size: 8ft. x 8ft.

The Sachtler Dutch Head 35 Head Attachment features Sachtler's patented fluid damping and counterbalance systems. It features a cross-sliding plate, which uses a high precision dove-tailed guidance with a sliding range of 2.4". This allows you to balance the camera on the Dutch Head. The head is able to tilt the horizon, and features a scale on its right side, which shows exactly the degree of lateral tilt.

Frictionless Leak Proof Fluid Damping with Seven Levels of Drag