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FreeFly Systems MōVI M15 Gimbal Stabilizer

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Product Details
  • MOVI M15
  • MOVI Dock
  • 2 x Monitor Mounts
  • Rod Mount w/ 2 x rods
  • 4 x LiPo Batteries
  • Battery Charger with leads
  • Hard Case

Note: Optional MōVI Contoller and MIMIC Controller available.

The MōVI M15 provides camera stabilization system using three motors and an IMU (inertial measurement unit) to detect and counteract unwanted movement along three axes: pan, tilt, and roll. In particular, it works to compensate for handshake or vehicle-induced vibration as well as reduce translation. It supports payloads up to 15 pounds, making it suitable for digital cinema cameras with lenses, as well as smaller camcorders and DSLRs.
The system supports single- or dual-operator control. In single user (Majestic) mode, the system's software intelligently differentiates unwanted shake or vibration from intentional movement, such as panning, while keeping the horizon level. Alternatively, you can have a dedicated operator (Stabilized Slew mode) with a remote control who is in charge of camera pan, tilt, and roll. In this configuration, the camera will always point where the operator of the remote tells it to, independent of how the rig operator moves.
As with sled-style stabilizers, the camera should be balanced on the MoVI to ensure best performance.
Three Control Modes
  • Majestic Mode: For single-operator use. In this mode the gimbal provides stabilization without counteracting operator-directed camera movements--the camera goes where you point the handles. This mode is ideal for accurate framing in tight situations
  • Stabilized Mode: Assumes no operator input, compensating for all movement it detects. Ideal scenarios for this mode include when the gimbal is mounted to a car or shots where the camera is moving but the camera angle remains fixed
  • Slew Stabilized Mode: For dual-operator control. In this mode an operator with a dedicated remote or RC transmitter controls pan, tilt, and roll independently of the gimbal handler's movements.