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SIRUI Jupiter Full-frame Macro Cine Lenses T2 24mm, 35mm and 50mm

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The first macro lens set developed by SIRUI consists of 3 focal lengths, a 24mm T2, a 35mm T2, and a 50mm T2. Covering full-frame and larger camera sensors with high sharpness and minimal optical aberration, this lens set can be used on various professional camera systems.
Explore the Micro World

The micro world presented by this lens set has a sharp and focused center with a gradual and pleasing fall off of contrast and light towards the edges.
 Constant T-Spots
In terms of speed, all lenses across the family feature a step-less aperture ring with a range from T2 to T22.

When used wide open at T2, the lens offers a nice shallow depth of field as well as an impressive low light performance. Also, the 11-blade iris contributes to a more round and smooth bokeh.
 8K Resolution
Optics are coated to help eliminate veiling glare. The performance of sharpness, color reproduction, distortion control, and optical aberration control on this lens set can be said as good as many high-end cine lenses. Even big-budget productions can be handled pretty well.

Minimum Focus Breathing

Always taking branded cine lenses as standard, focus breathing on this lens set is well controlled to make sure the audience won’t feel distracted while enjoying a story.
 All 3 prime lenses are similar in size and weight with uniform 92mm filter thread and gear position, so you barely have to move the gears when switching lenses.

 Cine-Style Lens Mount

SIRUI Jupiter Series is available in native PL/EF mount, compatible with most professional cinema cameras on the market. E-mount and RF-mount adapters are offered for use on a wider range of popular full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Product Content
FormatFocal LengthApertureClose FocusFront DiameterWeight (lbs)Physical lengthFilter Thread SizeMount Type 
Full Frame24mmT2.09.48"88mm2.754.08"92mmARRI PL 
Full Frame35mmT2.09.48"88mm2.544.30"92mmARRI PL 
Full Frame50mmT2.09.48"88mm2.354.54"92mmARRI PL