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Panasonic AW-UE150WPJ 4K-HD 20x PTZ and Panasonic Controller
  • 20x optical zoom for versatile framing options
  • High-speed and precise pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities
  • IP streaming for remote video production and streaming
  • Genlock input for synchronized multi-camera setups
  • Dynamic range stretch for improved image quality

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Panasonic Perfection. A Pan, Tilt, Zoom 4K-HD Camera and Joystick Controller that Goes Beyond Expectations

Mike Duca of Talamas shares the features that define the next level of performance. Contact Sales or Rentals to answer your questions about how this system can fit your needs.

Panasonic AW-UE150WPJ 4K-HD 20x PTZ

This addition to Panasonic's professional PTZ camera lineup, the AW-UE150 features a large 1" MOS sensor, supports high-quality 4K/UHD 60p video output, features a 75.1-degree viewing angle, 20x optical zoom and supports versatile outputs, including 12G-SDI, HDMI, optical fiber and IP. The AW-UE150 is the ideal choice for taking your remote camera production to the next level.

Key features

  • First UHD/4K 59.94p Integrated PTZ Camera
  • 75.1° horizontal viewing angle (widest in its class)
  • 4K/HD Video Interfaces Supported include 12G-SDI, 3G-SDI, HDMI, Optical Fiber, Lan/IP & NDI® 
  • Ability to control Gamma and Matrix to Match Cameras
  • Optical 20x Zoom + iZoom
  • 4K/HD Simultaneous Output

Panasonic AW-RP150GJ Advanced Joystick Controller

A ZOOM/FOCUS rocker mounted on the joystick manages pan and tilt operations for zoom and focus control and intuitive single-handed operation. The built-in touch display allows for easy and quick operation of all essential camera functions.

The AW-RP150 will be the newest remote camera controller to compliment Panasonic's comprehensive professional PTZ camera lineup. It has the same great functionality of the AW-RP120 and AW-RP50, and joins the lineup with significant improvements over those models, including a new one-hand operation joystick (controlling PTZ or Focus) and a large touch-panel LCD screen for monitoring and menu setting.

Key features

  • Large touchscreen for easy usability
  • New joystick for one-handed operation
  • Simplified PTZ camera presets and tracing memory
  • Intuitive design elements based on direct feedback from everyday robotic camera operators
  • 3G-SDI Active Through Output, 5 x RS-422, LAN PoE+, 2 x GPIOs