Panasonic AU-EVA1 5.7K Handheld Cinema Camcorder

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Panasonic is proud to announce its lightweight cinema camera, the AU-EVA1PJ.  



Panasonic is proud to announce its lightweight cinema camera, the AU-EVA1PJ.  

Purchase the AU-EVA1PJ and receive two free Panasonic RPSDZA64GAK 64GB SDXC V90-class memory cards, a $500 value. Offer through 12/31/18.


The Panasonic EVA1! Our 5 Favorite Features with Video Operations Director, Mike Duca.

This camera features a new 5.7K Super-35 sensor, capable of yielding the highest quality 4K and HD images. The EVA1 features a compact and lightweight body for handheld operation and will record to SDXC media. The EF lens mount allows the use of inexpensive high quality optics and the camera features professional connectivity such as XLR audio inputs and both HDMI and SDI 4K-capable video outputs.

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Key Features:
- 5.7K native Super-35 sensor
- Dual Native ISO 800/2500
- 14-stops Dynamic Range
- HDR ready - 4K up to 60p - 2K up to 240p
- Color sampling up to 10-bit 422
- VariCam colorimetry for beautiful colors and accurate, lifelike skin tones
- EF lens mount - Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
- V-Log & V-Gamut for capturing the full range of the sensor
- SD card recording - 5.7K RAW output (future firmware update)
- IR Cut filter switch In/Out in camera menu
- ND filter wheel (2/4/6 stops)
- XLR Audio inputs - HDMI & SDI 4K video outputs
- Only 2.64lbs - Just 6.69” X 5.31” X 5.23” (L/W/H)