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ARRI MMB-1 Mini Matte Box
  • Side-load design solves problems with camera microphone
  • Rear stage fully rotatable and lockable for use with grads
  • Can be supported by 15mm LWS rods or clamped directly onto the camera lens
  • Optional rear bellows retainer holds a 4.5-inch round filter
  • The only matte box that does NOT vignette on the new wide-angel Fujinon EX3-XS8x4 zoom

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The ARRI MMB-1 Mini Matte Box is the first mattebox designed for smaller-sized HD camera bodies. The ARRI MMB-1 is the only small form-factor mattebox allowing for use of three filters, including one fully-rotatable round, with the new wide-angle Fujinon XS8x4mm zoom for the Sony EX-3. It can be configured as a clip-on or rodded matte box.