Sennheiser L 6000 Rackmount Charger



Sennheiser L 6000 - Rackmount Charger.
Charger 19 ", for up to 4x charger cores LM 6060 / LM 6061, charger cores not included

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Sennheiser L 6000 - Rackmount Charger.
Charger 19 ", for up to 4x charger cores LM 6060 / LM 6061, charger cores not included

Nick Mesenbourg explains why the Sennheiser Digitial 6000 Series is more straightforward to use, more efficient regarding frequency space, smarter RF technology. Digital 6000 waves goodbye to past limitations and opens up new possibilities. Intermodulation is no longer an issue since the superior RF technology keeps the limited frequency spaces free for more channels. Digital 6000 does not produce any intermodulation, which allows operation in an equidistant frequency grid - neither transmission performance nor audio quality are compromised. The ease of working with this new product is already evident from the innovative user interface: relevance replaces excessive flickering, too many clicks and too little information.

Practical, central, intelligent: The 19 inch 1 RU L 6000 charging station delivers power centrally and directly in the rack. Up to four freely selectable charging modules can accommodate two bodypack or handheld battery packs each (a total of 8 charging ports for battery packs BA 60 or BA 61). Three-color LEDs give a quick overview of the charging status. The intelligent control system prevents heat buildup and also offers a mode that optimally charges the batteries for extended storage periods.
The charging station L 6000 has a modular construction and is futureproof: Charging stations for future battery pack types can simply be retrofitted.

Extensive details regarding temperature, remaining charging time, run times, charging cycles and battery quality can be retrieved via the Wireless Systems Manager (WSM).

  • 19 inch charging station in 1 RU
  • Flexible configurations with loading modules for handheld transmitters or bodypack battery packs (Digital 6000 and Digital 9000)
  • Quick overview of charging status with three-color LEDs
  • Intelligent charging control with four fans for optimum cooling
  • Storage mode keeps battery packs in optimum charge condition for longer storage periods
  • Integrates into the Wireless Systems Manager