Rycote Baseball (21/22mm) Windscreen 3-Pack



Rycote Baseball (21/22mm) Windscreen 3-Pack


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Rycote Baseball (21/22mm) Windscreen 3-Pack

This ingenious little 3” windscreen has been specifically designed for interior boom pole use. The Baseball greatly reduces the ‘swooshes’ (unwanted noise artifacts caused by laminar airflow across the mic) induced by fast boom swings and other rapid movements.

  • Significantly increased performance versus conventional foam windscreens

  • Provides -30dB of wind noise attenuation, across the frequency spectrum

  • Rapid attachment and removal Durable and easily maintained

  • Incredibly lightweight – only 17g*

  • Offers capsule protection to the mic (during scene ‘down-time’ and equipment changes)

  • Acoustically transparent open cell foam and soft felt cover construction

  • Handmade in the UK

*Weights / dimensions approximate

Rycote | Introducing the Baseball! from Rycote on Vimeo.