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Radio Active Designs 2-IN 4-OUT Transmit Combiner



2-IN 4-OUT Transmit Combiner




2-IN 4-OUT Transmit Combiner

The TX-8 antenna combiner allows the connection of up to 8 UHF transmitters to one antenna. Advanced active-linear design reduces intermodulation products to exceptionally low levels to minimize interference, and provides compatibility with all forms of modulation, including FM, AM, SSB, ENB, as well as a variety of digital forms, including FSK, and MIMO. Individual channel indicators show RF activity and amplifier faults. An antenna fault indicator warns of excessive antenna VSWR. Output power is selectable to 50, 100 or 250 mW, independent of input power level. The modular design with built-in power supply provides the ultimate in reliability and a compact, clean installation. Intelligent rear-panel layout simplifies system connections and reduces installation time. Rugged rack mount chassis and internal construction are designed to provide years of reliable service.