Lectrosonics LR Compact UHF Receiver, Block A1



Block A1 Frequency Range 470.100 - 537.575 MHz


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Block A1 Frequency Range 470.100 - 537.575 MHz
Lectrosonics LR receiver for ENG and DSLR video production is the purpose and intent of the LR receiver design. Tracking front-end filters block interference from high powered RF signals on nearby channels to preserve the extended operating range. RF spectrum scanning displays accurate results on the LCD to make finding clear spectrum quick and easy.

The receiver is powered by internal AA batteries or with an optional battery eliminator. The top panel includes an IR port for transmitter setup. Firmware updates are enabled via a USB port on the side panel. The housing is made from a solid machined aluminum billet.
• Tunes over a 75 MHz range*
• Tracking front-end filters
• Digital Hybrid Wireless® with compatibility
modes for use with earlier transmitters
• Compact size powered by two AA batteries
or an optional battery eliminator
• LCD with RF spectrum scanning
• SmartSquelchTM DSP-controlled, noise based
filtering and squelch
• DSP-based pilot tone for squelch control
• USB port for firmware updates
• IR sync port for transmitter setup