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Not Just Another Half Duplex Auto-Coupler.


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Not Just Another Half Duplex Auto-Coupler.

This simple, passive, auto-answer/disconnect telephone line hybrid allows simultaneous send and receive audio through analog telephone lines. Suitable for monitoring remote locations, IFB feeds, and many simple studio, conferencing, and PA telephone interface applications.


Auto-Answer Hybrid

  • Enable/Disable Auto-Answer
  • Passive Design
    (No Battery or AC Required)
  • Rack Mountable with 
    RA4 Rack Mount Panel

Full Duplex

Yes, you can send and receive audio at the same time. The dual transformer hybrid is capable of 20 dB nominal trans-hybrid loss. In other words, your transmit signal will appear mixed with the receive signal, but at a level 20 dB lower than it was sent into the phone line.


The "Auto" feature is very simple. When the "Auto" switch is selected, AutoHybrid will answer on the first ring. The phone line will remain off-hook, until either the Drop button is depressed, or until the phone company releases the line.