Comrex Opal IP Audio Gateway



Comrex Opal IP Audio Gateway Opal,  IP audio gateway providing quality audio from consumer‐grade equipment, like a cellphone&n




Comrex Opal IP Audio Gateway Opal,  IP audio gateway providing quality audio from consumer‐grade equipment, like a cellphone or a computer with a microphone.

Guest interviews don’t have to be complicated.

Expert guests (like entertainers, political pundits, athletes, and others) don’t always have access to engineers. They need something as simple to use and familiar as a phone call. But that doesn’t mean a radio program should settle for phone quality audio.

Opal is an IP audio gateway that enables guests to connect to the studio by simply clicking a link. It provides HD quality audio from consumer-grade equipment, like a cellphone or a computer with a microphone. It’s easy enough to use without a technical background, and most importantly, it sounds great.

Sweet HD Audio Over IP with the Comrex Opal

Opal is an IP audio gateway. It’s a hardware device that you connect to the internet at your studio, and it takes “calls” from the web. It has an audio encoder/decoder compatible with the encoder/decoder built into most browsers. But most of all, Opal is simplicity. Unlike Skype, the remote guest doesn’t install a thing–they just click a link and go live.