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Clear-Com Antenna FreeSpeak II Splitter (FSII-SPL)
  • Connects multiple FreeSpeak II transceiver antennas to a communication system.
  • Compatible with Eclipse HX matrix and FreeSpeak II base station.
  • Provides up to five antenna feeds from a single port, optimizing signal distribution.
  • Features an SFP fiber slot for fiber connectivity, ensuring versatile installation options.
  • Enhances the overall performance and coverage of the communication system.

Call for Availability



The fiber-based FreeSpeak II Transceiver Splitter extends the distance between the Transceivers and base station to reach remote areas within the necessary coverage zone. Over a fiber connection, the position of the transceiver from the base station or matrix increases from a maximum of 3,280 feet (using a CAT5 connection) to 65,000 feet over fiber. Multi-mode and single-mode fiber are supported on each Splitter.


Nick Mesenbourg of Talamas shares why this high performance wireless intercom system designed for large scale operations is a great solution for audio difficulties.

Two Splitter connections are available on each FreeSpeak II base station, and up to five transceiver feeds can connect to each Splitter. This effectively creates an expansive coverage area comprising 10 Transceivers.

  • FreeSpeak II Transceiver Splitter
  • Provides 5 FSII transceiver feeds on one port on FSII base station or E-QUE-HX card
  • SFP fiber slot for fiber link to FSII base station or as a fiber bridge between FSII-BASE-II stations and Eclipse HX frames
  • Supports both multi-mode and single-mode fiber
  • Configure settings using DIP switches
  • IP-63 water resistance for outdoor use
  • LED status indicator on front and back
  • Mic stand or wall mount orientation (metric and imperial threads)
Product Specification


Transceiver Antenna: 5 Ethercon RJ-45, each with yellow LED indicators on front and back

Matrix: 1 Ethercon RJ-45, with yellow LED indicator on front and back

Fiber: 1 SFP port


Splitter: Requires external power supply (included)

Transceiver Antenna: Provides power to antennas via RJ-45 connections

Mounting Options

Wall Mount with 4 mounting points

Mic Stand Mount (metric and imperial threads)


IP-63 water resistance for outdoor use

+32°F to +122°F

(0°C to +50°C)


1.65 x 8.75 x 7.73 in (HxWxD)

(42 x 223 x 197 mm)


24.5 oz (0.69 kg)

Clear-Com Antenna FreeSpeak II Splitter (FSII-SPL) Quickstart Guide


Clear-Com Antenna FreeSpeak II Splitter (FSII-SPL) Quickstart Guide