UCR411A UM400A Beltpack Wireless Microphone System

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Lectrosonics UCR411a Wireless Receiver Features



Lectrosonics UCR411a Wireless Receiver Features

An industry first, the Lectrosonics UCR411a, with its proprietary combination of digital audio and analog RF provides the superb audio quality of a pure digital system and the outstanding operating range of the finest FM wireless systems. The digital audio chain eliminates a compandor and its artifacts, and provides audio frequency response flat to 20 kHz. The RF link takes advantage of the spectral efficiency characteristics of an aggressively optimized FM radio system.
To alleviate interference problems in an increasingly congested RF spectrum, an RF spectrum analyzer is built into the receiver.

Lectrosonics UM400a Wireless Transmitter Features

The Lectrosonics UM400a belt-pack transmitter implements the latest digital/analog hybrid technique in a classic Lectro belt-pack transmitter. Digital Hybrid Wireless is a revolutionary new design that combines digital audio with an analog FM radio link to provide outstanding audio quality and the extended operating range of the finest analog wireless systems.