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Sony PDWU1 USB 2.0 XDCAM Disc Drive

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The Sony PDW-U1 is a compact, mobile and highly cost-effective drive for use with PC's. This drive is suitable not only for use with nonlinear editing systems but also for simple viewing and logging operations with a lap-top or desk top computer. It can handle Professional Disc media (PFD23A) recorded in both HD and SD formats, as well as the new "dual-layer" disc (PFD50DLA). The PDW-U1 uses a USB 2.0 interface which is the most widely available interface in the IT world. Simply connect the PDW-U1 to the computer and it will show as an external drive on the screen. Its highly compact and lightweight design allows for installation in virtually any working environment. And its cost effectiveness makes it ideal for integration in current systems.

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Sony PDWU1 USB 2.0 XDCAM Disc Drive Features

  • Handles files in all formats of XDCAM HD and SD
  • Both single-layer disc (PFD-23A) and dual-layer disc (PFD-50DLA) support
  • Hi-speed USB (USB2.0) interface
  • Highly compact and lightweight design
  • Direct access to files on Professional Disc media from a USB-connected PC