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Small Bag System package

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Small Bag System package Includes

  • Sound Devices 302 (1) - Developed specifically for audio-for-picture applications, the Sound Devices 302 mixer is the perfect tool for production companies and camera operators wanting to take control of their audio.
  • Lectrosonics UCR401/UM400a (2) - A tracking front end is built into the Lectrosonics UCR411a receiver to correct for RF interference. The UM400a has optimum modulation, minimum distortion and maximum S/N ratio. All 400 series units are backwards compatible with the entire Lectro line.
  • Sennheiser ME66/MKH60 Microphone with Boompole, Softie and Rycote Mount (1) - The Sennheiser MKH60 is a versatile and easy to handle condenser microphone. Its superb lateral sound muting makes it an excellent choice for film and reporting applications.
  • BDS Powering System (1)
  • NP-1 Batteries with charger (2)
  • Portabrace bag with strap (1)
  • Breakaway Cable (1)