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RFVenue Diversity Fin
  • Dependable wireless mic audio from only one antenna
  • Works with any brand UHF wireless system
  • Perfect for stage, worship, and corporate A/V productions
  • Less signal fades, audio dropouts, and static
  • Super strong, water resistant padded nylon cover
  • Consistent, clear audio, with zero RF expertise required

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Unlike ordinary “fin” type antennas, the RFVenue Diversity Fin incorporates polarization and space-diversity reception, and does it without noise-generating amplifiers, bias tees, and the usual maze of wires that crews have to deal with. Two feedlines from the Diversity Fin tm antenna easily attach “under the hood” and can be routed to any diversity receiver, or a combiner. The advantage of the Diversity Fin tm antenna is clear: Only one antenna module is needed for dropout reduced reception at many smaller events, indoors or out. And rain won’t bother it – the hood is actually a working part of the antenna, creating a dielectric airspace in the event of rain or snow, and makes sure you won’t have to unpack it or pack it up in a separate case when the gig is over.

For the best results, typical “paddle” antennas require that you set up two units spaced apart at a distance dependent on the frequency at which your wireless microphone is transmitting. Figuring out the proper placement and configuration of remote antennas onsite is a pain, especially when you have no room for multiple stands, and when incorrect placement results in bad audio. Instead of setting up two paddles, setup just one Diversity Fin and get even more reliable diversity reception without the configuration hassle. Since the Diversity Fin incorporates two separate antenna elements (LPDA and Dipole) oriented precisely at 90 degrees, the chance of linear cross polarization fades (e.g. when the mic transmitter changes angle) is dramatically reduced. This results in more consistent wireless audio without audio dropouts and “PFFFT!” receiver switching sounds. It is tailored for use between 470-698 MHz in the UHF band, and is compatible with nearly all UHF wireless receivers and combiners on the market. Connection is easy: just take two standard coaxial cables and connect the RFVenue Diversity Fin with your receiver or combiner coax antenna inputs.