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PSC RF Multimax Wideband Antenna Splitter

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The PSC RF Multimax Wideband Antenna Splitter offers unmatched flexibility for antenna splitting to wireless receivers.The PSC RF Multimax Wideband Antenna Splitter is built with six independent splitters that can be connected in a host of different ways. First, it contains two, 2 x 4 passive splitter/combiners that can be used to either combine up to four antennas or split one antenna four ways. Secondly, the PSC RF MultiMax contains four, separate, active 1 x 8 splitters that can be used for splitting antenna feeds to wireless. When used in various combinations, these six sections and the combined 48 BNC connectors, allow for some very flexible RF routing solutions.

In addition, the PSC RF MultiMax operates wide-band from 450Mhz to 900Mhz so it will work with all UHF wireless without limitations. The PSC RF Multimax Wideband Antenna Splitter operates with a quiet noise floor of only 2.8dB and provides a typical isolation factor of 24 to 28dB between radio receivers. Designed to operate both on location and in-house, the RF MultiMax! can be powered from either AC (100 to 240Vac) or DC (10 to 18Vdc).

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