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Nikon Nikkor AI-S GL Optics MKV

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Vintage Prime lenses rehoused by GL Optics.
The Vintage Nikkor lens set represents a unique combination of sharpness, creamy fall-off, and perfect bokeh elements. With today’s digital sensors, the lens becomes the predominant factor in the picture’s look (or quality). The Vintage Nikkor lenses gives qualities that help gain personality and favorable characteristics, especially in flesh tones. 

Product Content
FormatFocal LengthApertureClose FocusFront DiameterWeight (lbs)Physical lengthFilter Thread SizeMount Type 
Full Frame18mmT2.911"110mm1.952.82"-ARRI PL 
Full Frame24mmT2.113"110mm2.102.82"-ARRI PL 
Full Frame28mmT2.113"110mm2.353.32"-ARRI PL 
Full Frame35mmT1.513"110mm2.553.48"-ARRI PL 
Full Frame50mmT1.312"110mm2.353.78"-ARRI PL 
Full Frame58mmT1.314"110mm2.553.78"-ARRI PL 
Full Frame85mmT1.53'110mm2.553.62"-ARRI PL 
Full Frame105mmT1.92'3"110mm2.954.75"-ARRI PL 
Full Frame135mmT2.13'6"110mm3.454.75"-ARRI PL