Lectrosonics Venue WB UT400 Wireless Microphone System with Handheld Transmitter

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Lectrosonics Venue Wireless Receiver Features



Lectrosonics Venue Wireless Receiver Features

The Venue wireless receiver system is a modular UHF design that operates with Digital Hybrid Wireless™ transmitters, and a variety of analog transmitters. It consists of a Venue Receiver Master (VRM) and one to six plug-in receiver modules. The VRM includes an antenna multi-coupler, computer communications interface and the mechanical rack mounting for the receiver modules.

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The VR’s design offers a tremendous degree of flexibility. For example, each of the three pairs of receivers can be combined and used for ratio diversity or frequency diversity reception. Each individual receiver can be used by itself for phase switched diversity reception. Combinations of reception techniques can be used at the same time.

Lectrosonics UT400 Wireless Transmitter Features

The UT400 Digital Hybrid Wireless is a state-of-the-art, 100mW handheld transmitter incorporating many advanced features in order to give the user a wide range of possibilities for high-quality speech and vocal performance. The proprietary VariMic™ element allows custom tailoring of the microphone’s frequency response, while a digitally-controlled input limiter ensures distortion-free audio over a very wide dynamic range.
Along with providing peerless audio quality in native 400 Series mode, the Digital Hybrid Wireless™ technology found in the UT400 includes compatibility modes to emulate a wide range of receiver types, including Lectrosonics 200 Series, 100 Series systems and IFB receivers, and some systems from other top manufacturers. At the heart of the UT is the VariMic™ preamp, included with each of the three different electret condenser capsules. The elements are mounted on a tuned suspension to reject handling noise, while a generously sized windscreen prevents popping and breath noise. The preamp board also includes three tone controls and one variable attenuator, allowing the user to tailor the microphone’s audio without changing the capsule.