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DPA 4080 Cardioid Microphone Element

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Product Details
  • Windscreen
  • Lapel Clip
  • Other accessories available upon request

Combining high audio quality and low visibility, the DPA 4080 Cardioid Microphone Element is well suited for broadcast, conference, and other live performances in the studio or in the field. It is acoustically pre-equalized, offering a 4 dB presence boost, which makes the voice more distinguishable and improves speech intelligibility. Professionals will appreciate the light weight and the excellent speech reproduction.

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DPA 4080 is delivered with a pre-mounted black pop filter in a holder with an integrated shock mount, fixed on a clip. An additional white pop filter is enclosed. Because of the flexible and practical mounting solution, the microphone can easily be turned in all directions and fits both left and right buttoned shirts.

DPA 4080 Cardioid Microphone Element Features

  • excellent speech reproduction
  • discreet, compact design
  • fits both left and right buttoned shirts
  • delivered with both black and white pop filter 

Available for use with Shure, Lectrosonics, Sennheiser and Hardwired Setups. Available in Black.