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Dana Dolly Portable Dolly System

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Product Details
  • Dana Dolly with Mitchell Base
  • Dana Dolly - 75mm Bowl Adapter
  • Dana Dolly - 100mm Bowl Adapter
  • Dana Dolly - 150mm Bowl Adapter
  • Dana Dolly - Track End with Junior Receiver (X2)
  • Dana Dolly - Track Support w/ 5/8" Receiver
  • Dana Dolly - Accessory Arm w/ 1/4" Ball Mount
  • 3" O.D./1.25" I.D. Washer for Dana Dolly
  • SKB iSeries Custom Case for Dana Dolly System
  • 3-Way T-Handle Hex Wrench

The Dana Dolly is made of 6061 Aluminum finished Black to cut down on reflectivity. It also features a Mitchell Mount that can take all types of camera heads.The bottom of the plate is milled out to cut down on overall weight, while not compromising strength. The triangle trucks are welded aluminum, finished black. The wheels are turned down to be round within 1/1000 of an inch to eliminate the "bounce" that normal skateboard wheels give. The turning process also helps keep down the squeak that some dollies experience.  The dolly wheels are designed soft to give a very smooth, squeak free move with any size camera, and can be used for today's SLR's and full-sized 35mm cameras with no problem.

We have speed rail for the system in the following lengths

  • 6' (X2)
  • 12' (X2)