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Core Maverick Block Battery

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Product Details

Core Maverick Block Battery


Nickel Metal Hydride, travel safe block battery with built-in charging.
MV6 The Maverick battery pack is the next generation, all encompassing block battery system for cinema and lighting applications. 

Mobile Power Station with High Current Delivery
Aux Power with Preventative Maintenance Functions
Modular Build
A Friendly Form Factor
Backlit Runtime LCD with Diagnostic reporting


Product Specification

Cell Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride, Travel safe
Capacity: 605Wh(14.4v, 42.0Ah, max rating 639wh)
Size: 9.56” x 13.7” x 5.3”
Weight: 28.3lbs.
Voltage Output: 2x XLR4p @ 14v(12-17vdc), 2x XLR3p @28v(regulated)
Max Load: 40A(20A @ 14v, 20A @ 28v)
Built-in Protections: Temperature(internal), Voltage(internal), Current(resettable exterior and internal)
Capacity Monitoring: Backlit LCD and LED Handle
Aux Output: 2x Ptap(10A, 14.4v unregulated)
USB Output: 1x USB-A(5v, 3A)
Charge Time: 5hrs with built-in charger
AC Mains Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Build: Cast and Sheet Aluminum