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Cinekinetic Original Cinesaddle

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Many cinematographers use the Cinesaddle primarily as a replacement for their tripod but it may also be used to attach a camera to any static or moving object. The Cinesaddle is measured in ounces but it will support all professional Betacam video cameras as well as 35mm & 16mm cine cameras.

Foam balls inside the Cinesaddle push the sides of the bag tight up against the camera, holding it steady. The bottom of the Cinesaddle molds itself to the shape of the object it is positioned upon, preventing it from slipping.The beans inside the Cinesaddle absorb vibration, providing a very stable surface for the camera. The Cinesaddle grips the camera tightly, keeping it steady while you make any shot.

The Cinesaddle's small size lets you mount your camera in the most confined space. Only one cubic foot in size, the Cinesaddle's total weight is one and a half pounds.