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Block Battery SLi-D600 Lithium Battery

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Product Details

charger and charger cable


The SLi Series Blocks are the most versatile Block Battery designed for cinematic production applications. Utilizing innovative design concepts, the SLi Series provides an advanced feature set including QuickCell modularity and AutoBalance technology, at the same time. The SLi-D600 comes standard with multiple simultaneous voltage outputs, a nominal 16vdc output and a regulated 28vdc output.

Block Battery SLi-600 Series


  • More Compact in Size
  • Charge Faster
  • Are Easier to Service
  • or Re-cell in the Field
  • Easier to Transport
  • Lower in Cost
  • And Provide a Longer Life Expectancy


The Dual Voltage SLi-D600 is a fast charging, compact and lightweight block battery that provide 560 watt hours of capacity or essentially the same capacity as a VCLX or other popular Block Batteries.

The SLi series blocks are constructed with a new lightweight chemistry and ONLY weigh 16 pounds, which is 30% less or 9 pounds lighter than other blocks of equal power.

This new lightweight design is more compact in physical size, and ideally suited for most dolly compartments.

With a charge time of ONLY 4 hours, the SLi 600 series charges twice as fast as competing Nickel based products.

One of the key advantages of this new block design is that it utilizes a high-performance safe lithium iron phosphate cells, which is rated to provide up to 4 times the recharge cycles of other lithium ion and nickel metal hydride cell chemistries.  This feature reduces the total cost of ownership to a fraction of competing batteries.

Another key feature to the SLi Series is the unique modular assembly of these blocks, designed to address issues such as transportation, re-celling and field servicing needs. The access panel comes off with 4 screws and all (10) cell pack cartridges can be removed and replaced in under 5 minutes. 

Once the bottom panel is off, you can simply pull each cartridge out by hand.   Reinstalling the cartridges is just as quick and easy, simply plug each cartridge back into a socket.  The cartridge socket is configured so that cartridges will only go in one way, so it is impossible to install a cartridge incorrectly. 

The ability to quickly remove the battery cartridges makes it safer and easier to comply with the changing transportation requirements for lithium-based batteries.  In some instances, it may be more practical and cost effective to ship an SLi case and the battery cartridges separately.  Or in the case of a service issue, removing the cartridges makes it easier to isolate a problem between the block’s primary electronics and that of a particular cartridge.  If there is any problem with the block’s primary electronics, then shipping the case without the cartridges saves money and avoids the complexity of shipping Lithium Ion Batteries. Additionally, a replacement case without cartridges can be quickly dispatched.  And, if any cartridge needs to be sent in for service, then only those cartridges indicating a performance issues will need to be sent in for repair.

Each cartridge has a capacity 56 watt hours, which is well below the 100 watt hour limit of the current shipping regulations. This makes these cartridges easier and safer to ship, even by ground, which BlockBattery generally recommends.

And, this efficient cartridge design allows BlockBattery to provide more capacity at a lower cost, more watt hours per dollar, than competing products.  Complete systems start around two thousand dollars including a charger. Additional spare cartridges can be purchased for $ 80 each. 

Voltage Ouputs: Voltage ranges:12.5v ~ 17.25v OR 25v ~35v at the same time.

ON/Off Enable: Switch MUST be turned ON first to enable the output power.

ON - Push to Start: Momentary switch to engage output connectors. LCD will light up when outputs are turned on and battery is not empty. If the LCD Display does not turn on when the “ON/OFF Enable Switch” is ON and the “Push to Start” switch is depressed, then the battery is empty. Start the charging procedure.

Output Fuses: F2 - 12V~17.25V Fused at 15 amps. Maximum recommended continuous current draw is 12 amps. F1 - 25V~34.5V Outputs and the 28V regulated outputs are fused at 10 amps. Maximum recommended continuous current draw is 8 amps.

Power Meter: The Active Discharge screen displays critical output information about the power supplied from the Block Battery. Note: Leaving the Block turned on while not in use will discharge the Block, It is best to turn off the “ON/OFF Enable” switch when not in use. See reverse side for screen descriptions.

Charge Input: Use ONLY the PSU -185 Charger and cable from Block Battery. The block can be charged and continue to power connected devices if desired. When the charger is connected the Charge LCD screen will automatically turn on. The charge screen displays the amount of time a block has been on charge and the charge voltage. See reverse side for screen descriptions.

Product Specification

SLi-D600 Dimensions:
12” (30.5cm) Height x 7.625” (19.3CM) Width x 6.125” (15.5 cm)
Depth SLi-D600
Weight: SLi-D600 17 lbs (7.71 kg)
Temperature Recommendations:
Discharge Temperatures -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
Charge Temperatures 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
AmpHours: 17AHrs @ 25V~34.5V or 28V Regulated 34AHrs @ 12.5~17.25V
WattHours: 550WHrs

Block Battery SLi-D600 Lithium Battery