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ARRI Zeiss Ultra Primes

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ARRI and Carl Zeiss have created lenses which, for the first time, completely unite all main characteristics such as focus, contrast, color saturation, color uniformity and compactness together with the high speed T1.9 rating, low aperture-induced focus shift and uniform pupil position. The ARRI Zeiss Ultra Prime Lenses retain excellent image quality even at close focus across the whole Super 35 frame.

Product Content
FormatFocal LengthApertureClose FocusFront DiameterWeight (lbs)Physical lengthFilter Thread SizeMount Type 
Super3516mmT1.91'95mm2.603.7"-ARRI PL
Super3524mmT1.91'95mm2.203.6"-ARRI PL
Super3532mmT1.91'3"95mm2.403.6"-ARRI PL
Super3550mmT1.92'95mm2.203.6"-ARRI PL
Super3585mmT1.93'95mm2.603.6"-ARRI PL
Super35100mmT1.93'3"95mm2.603.6"-ARRI PL
Super35135mmT1.95'95mm3.504.7"-ARRI PL