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Talamas Helps Hit Television Series Tell Classic Stories with a Compact Custom Fly Pack

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Talamas Helps Hit Television Series Tell Classic Stories with a Compact Custom Fly Pack

Credits: Photo 1 - David Walker (left) appraises an item during ANTIQUES ROADSHOW’s 2019 production tour. ANTIQUES ROADSHOW airs Mondays at 8/7C PM on PBS. Photo by Meredith Nierman for WGBH, (c) WGBH 2019.

Since 1995 Talamas has provided Antiques Roadshow with ever more sophisticated technology to help the series capture the stories that have so fascinated audiences for years.

Antiques Roadshow features collectibles, art and antiques, appraising items and revealing the stories behind them for owners in a uniquely engaging style. In 2017 they approached Talamas to request help in finding a portable, turnkey system to allow Roadshow to film indoors and outdoors at historic venues as effectively as they previously have in convention centers across the United States.

Antiques Roadshow always used a truck,” says the Newton, MA-based firm’s Founder and President, Dave Talamas. “But now we’ve built them a multi-camera system; an integrated fly pack that allows them to do everything they did before, and respond to the unique environments in which the show now films.”

The first iteration of Antiques Roadshow’s new rig was deployed in Newport, RI, in 2017, where they tested out shooting with cine lenses and in Super 35, instead of 2/3’s-inch.

“They wanted to maintain the same storytelling feel of each segment, but capture that differently – with two, three-camera teams, each using their own rack unit, so they can be up and running as quickly as they can power up and plug in cameras,” Talamas’ Video Operations Manager, Mike Duca, explains. “Each team can record up to four cameras simultaneously and with the new system the directors can be closer to the action.”

The lengthy relationship allows Talamas to respond to Antiques Roadshow’s needs swiftly and effectively, Talamas adds: “We constantly move into new territory so our clients can respond efficiently to changes in the industry.”

Each fly pack is equipped with a 17-inch monitor, two AJA Ki Pro Ultra Plus 4K/Ultra HD Recorder/Players, a smart video hub for routing, a Black Magic Recorder (to capture video in H.264 on an SD card), and Clearcom hardwired intercoms.

“With a touring production there’s only one chance to capture something and not much time to do so,” Duca notes, “and Talamas has continued to integrate new technology as they move forward.”

“Everyone on the show is a veteran of the industry and has been working on Antiques Roadshow for years. They’re extremely talented. This is a new tool, but it’s the way they work together as a team that makes this happen,” Talamas says. “We’re incredibly proud to be part of Roadshow’s success. Our relationship is about trust, changing with them as their production evolves, and providing exactly what they need, when they need it, wherever they are.”

September, 2019