Frequency Coordination and Site Survey

  • RF Site Survey, Frequency Coordination, Studio Design

  • Live monitoring of RF environment

  • Ability to scan VHF, UHF, 900MHz, DECT, 2.4, and up to 6GHz

  • Full support up to 90 days after full coordination is completed

  • $150 per hour, including time taken building coordination, door to door

Today’s challenging RF environment requires expertise to navigate and optimize your wireless audio equipment. We know this, and have the perfect solution for you. Now, Talamas is offering frequency coordination’s, site surveys, and live RF monitoring in real time, outside of our audio equipment rentals. Using the same expertise gained from 40 years of experience, Talamas will provide you with a comprehensive frequency coordination, giving you extremely reliable performance in even the most complex RF environments. We also offer RF studio design, which includes specifying antenna type and placement, cabling, and RF distribution and combiner specification.

At Talamas, we’re here to help you make your wireless audio flawless.

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