Panasonic Financing 

1.  VariCam LT-VF | $21600,  AU-V35LT1G (Camera Body),  AU-VCVF10 (OLED Viewfinder) – 36 Month payments only - $ 628.06

2. VariCam LT-PRO | $25100, AU-V35LT1G (Camera Body),  AU-VCVF10 (OLED Viewfinder),  AU-VSHL2G (Shoulder Mount), AU-VGRP1G (Grip), AU-VMPL1G (PL Mount) – 36 Month payments only- $ 729.91

3. VariCam LT-PROEX | $27600,  AU-V35LT1G (Camera Body),  AU-VCVF10 (OLED Viewfinder),  AU-VSHL2G (Shoulder Mount), AU-VGRP1G (Grip),  AU-VMPL1G (PL Mount), 2 x AU-XP0256AG (256 GB expressP2 Cards), AU-XPD1 (expressP2 Drive) – 36 Month payments only - $ 802.61

4. VCLT-PROEX-B512 | $28950, AU-V35LT1G (Camera Body), AU-VCVF10 (OLED Viewfinder),  AU-VSHL2G (Shoulder Mount),  AU-VGRP1G (Grip), AU-VMPL1G (PL Mount),  2 x AU-XP0512BG (512GB expressP2 Cards),  AU-XPD1 (expressP2 Drive) – 36 Month Payments only- $ 841.87

5. DVX-200 UHD Camcorder with Leica Zoom Lens| $4195 – 36 Month payments only - $ 126.20

Terms and Conditions:

  •          The monthly payment does not take into consideration any applicable taxes
  •          At the time of contract execution, no advance payments are require
  •          Pending credit approval
  •          Promotion runs through 1/1/17 – 3/31/17

Panasonic Financing Flyer

Please contact Talamas Sales or call (617) 928-0788 for more information.


RED 0% 12 Month Financing Program

Own your own RED equipment under a simple financing program.

Valid for Scarlet W upgrades to Epic W or Weapon Helium; Transaction size $15,000-$40,000.

*Subject to credit approval. One advance payment required. Longer terms, up to 60 months available.  Equipment must be purchased from RED Digital Cinema or from an authorized RED dealer. Financing offered by Southern California Leasing Inc. for businesses in the US & Canada.

Please contact Talamas Sales or call (617) 928-0788 for more information.


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