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Coming Up With Talamas

Demystifying Steadicam Gear - September 27, 2017 - 6:00pm
Behind the Scenes: Steadicam Shots - September 28, 2017 - 6:00pm

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Join Talamas & NEStudios presenting David Pringle for a demo Lightning Strikes Demonstration & SoftSun, Sat, Sept 2… https://t.co/I2FwzpePqn
Antiques Roadshow off to a great start this am in their first outdoor production. We are delighted to provide cameras, audio & wireless gear
Free Event Sat, Sept 23 :00pm at NE Studios. David Pringle demos new LED Paparazzi Lightning Strikes, and more!… https://t.co/BwUKtXAbNj
Behind the Scenes: Steadicam Shots Thursday, Sept 29 https://t.co/7EgLzkfohp RSVP for this free event today! https://t.co/YDL7vP6LSD
Demystifying Steadicam Gear - Wed, Sept 27 https://t.co/IBayK3OILI This will cover the gear that can be used to ac… https://t.co/LchJKZXo0q