We Work With Filmmakers and Filmmakers work with us

Digital Cinema

Supplying you with our digital cinema equipment to make your cinematic visions happen.
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We work with Professionals and Professionals work with us.


Providing professionals in television production with the proper and reliable equipment.
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We work with Content Producers and Content Producers work with us.

Content Production

Assisting content creators produce a variety of content across the scope of visual media.
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Why Buy at Talamas?

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Who we work with

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Cost/ Service/Expertise

Our team knows the ins and outs of production, many having experience working in the industries. We’re committed to your production and seek to provide you with genuine customer service, helpful communication, and of course the expertise and gear.


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We take pride in our customer service, we strive to make certain you are satisfied with your purchase.
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We will exceed your expectations, we share your passion for your project.