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Clear-Com FreeSpeak II Active Antenna
  • Active antenna enhances signal reception for improved coverage
  • Flexible mounting options for versatile placement
  • High-gain design for extended range
  • Durable construction for reliability in demanding environments
  • Easy installation and integration with existing systems

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FreeSpeak II active antenna USA.
Active antenna powered either locally or from the matrix CAT5 connection. One antenna supports up to five FreeSpeak II beltpacks. More antennas needed if roaming or more beltpack support is required. Includes AC PSU adapter part 453G023. FCC approved for use in the USA and Canada


Nick Mesenbourg of Talamas shares why this high performance wireless intercom system designed for large scale operations is a great solution for audio difficulties.

The FSII-TCVR-19 is an active transceiver antenna for the FSII-BP19 beltpacks. The antenna can be locally powered or powered via the FSII base station or matrix on shorter connections (less than 1000ft). The FSII-TCVR-19 has a mount for wall or microphone stand. A green status light is visible from either mounting orientations. When mixed with FSII-TCVR-24 antennas, a single radio space can support up to 65-90 FreeSpeak II 1.9GHz or 2.4GHz beltpacks. Durability: The FSII-TCVR-19 is IP-65 rated for wet weather or dusty conditions making them ideal for outdoor productions.

Uses existing FSII base, E-QUE-HX cards, and FSII splitter hardware • Supports 5 FSII-BP19 beltpacks per FSII-TCVR-19 transceiver • Supports systems with up to 65-90 beltpacks when mixed with FSII-24-TCVRs • Green LED status indicator on top and bottom • Mic stand or wall mount orientation (metric and imperial threads) • IP-65 rating for wet and dusty conditions

Product Specification

Frequency Spectrum: 1.88-1.93MHz for EU and US Cellular auto roaming technology
Modulation: GFSK, TDMA frame 10ms Full and Long slot
Output power (EU): 18-22dBm, (US): 18-20dBm
Environmental Operating: 32º-125ºF (0º-50ºC)
Storage: 32º-150ºF (0º-70ºC)
Humidity: Between 20% and 90%, Non-Condensing

Clear-Com FreeSpeak II Active Antenna Data Sheet