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Clear-Com Freespeak Edge FSE-BP50-X5 Digital Wireless BP X5 Beltpack

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Clear-Com Freespeak FSE-BP50-X5. Freespeak Edge Digital Wireless BP X5 Beltpack.

Clear Com’s newest wireless communications platform, FreeSpeak Edge™, is built around 5GHz technology and is a member of the FreeSpeak™ product family which includes the award-winning FreeSpeak II wireless intercom system. FreeSpeak Edge represents a new technology experience for intercom users. So, why 5GHz? What benefits does it bring? This article demystifies 5GHz and shows why it is an excellent and future-proof choice for production environment communications.

The 5GHz wireless spectrum is full of opportunity. It is a highly manageable resource, backed by mass market development and readily available deployment tools, that represents enormous potential for today and tomorrow. This is exactly why we selected 5GHz for the ground up development of our next generation wireless platform, FreeSpeak Edge. Clear-Com’s engineering team started with fundamental radio science and built a dedicated communications layer for reliable and secure real-time communications, fully optimized for the professional intercom user of today. Based on years of industry experience, a wealth of information from the massive user base of the best-selling FreeSpeak II, and cutting-edge engineering, FreeSpeak Edge is the most advanced intercom platform available, providing a unique toolset and the ability to grow with our users. It also adds to the existing capabilities of the FreeSpeak family and allows users to create a single system that exists on all three frequency bandwidths – 1.9GHz, 2.4GHz, and now 5GHz.

Clear-Com designed FreeSpeak Edge from the ground up, unburdened by limitations of earlier technologies

Clear-Com Freespeak Edge Manual