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Clear-Com FreeSpeak 1.9 GHz FSII Digital Wireless Beltpack

Discover the Clear-Com FreeSpeak 1.9 GHz FSII Digital Wireless Beltpack. Designed for large-scale operations, it offers up to five communication routes, programmable controls, and long-lasting battery life. Operating in the 1.88 - 1.93GHz frequency band, it ensures reliable communication. 

  • Five communication routes
  • Programmable controls
  • Real-time battery monitoring
  • "Listen Again" audio memory
  • Rugged and ergonomic design

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Product Details

Includes XLR-4M headset connector, USB DC charging connections, belt clip, shoulder strap and BAT60 rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. FCC approved for use in the USA and Canada.


Clear Com FreeSpeak 1.9 GHz  FSII Digital Wireless beltpack, 4 pin male headset connector. (1.9GHz)  ( also available in 5pinXLR) 

Digital wireless beltpack including four talk and listen buttons with integral crosspoint level rotary controls and answerback and menu key. LED level and call signalization and OLED menu. 

The five-channel, full-duplex FreeSpeak II digital beltpack was uniquely designed for the rigorous demands of large-scale operations and continuous communication use. Ergonomic form factor, intuitive operation, and a rugged housing make the beltpack ideal for extended use. This beltpack operates in the 1.88 - 1.93GHz frequency band.

Key Features:

  • Up to five communication routes per beltpack, each with a 5 or 10 character label
  • Four programmable pushbuttons, two rotary encoders and a reply button
  • Menu driven display, which can be partially or completely restricted
  • Secure system – beltpacks are registered to a particular base station or Matrix
  • Internal antenna – no antenna breakage or damage
  • Long battery usage – typically 18 hours of continuous talk time
  • Two battery options – rechargeable Li-Ion cells or disposable Alkaline AA Batteries
  • Drop-in charging port with built-in USB battery and beltpack charging capability
  • Strong metallic beltclip and shoulder strap points
  • Over-the-air beltpack easy registration and regionalization
  • Real-time monitoring of battery per beltpack
  • “Listen Again” audio memory to replay last 15 seconds of audio
  • Technician’s flash light on bottom
Product Specification

Audio Bandwidth: 200Hz-7.5KHz
No. of Full-Duplex Audio Paths: Up to 5 with individual level control (2 dedicated rotaries, 3 with menu), 2 controls and a main volume
Mode of Operation: Full duplex on all routes
Level/Talk Controls: 4 pushbuttons, a reply button and 2 rotary controls
Enter/Answer-Back Button: 1

Frequency Spectrum: 1.88-1.93MHz for EU and US cellular auto roaming technology (frequency allocation varies by country)
Modulation: GFSK, TDMA frame 10ms Full and Long slot
Output power: (EU) 18-22dBm, (US) 18-20dBm
Range: Typical indoor range 300ft (90m), outdoor range 800ft (240m)
Battery: Li-Ion or 3 AA alkaline cells
Battery Charging: Drop-in charger (AC60) or local USB
Battery Life: 18+ hours with Li-Ion; 9 hours with 3 x Alkaline AA cells
Headset Connector: 4-pin male, Clear-Com standard, options for 5-pin female and 7-pin male with PTT
Microphone Type: Electret and Dynamic, selectable in beltpack menu
Headset Limiter: Selectable from beltpack menu

IP-65 water and dust resistance
Operating: 32º-125ºF (0º-50ºC)
Storage: 32º-150ºF (0º-70ºC)
Humidity: Between 20% and 90%, Non-Condensing

Tapered design at largest points
3.75 x 5 x 1.5 in (HxWxD)
(97 x 130 x 45 mm)

9.0 oz (0.4kg) including batteries