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AJA HD10A 10-Bit Component Analog HD to HD-SDI Converter

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The AJA HD10A is a miniature, high-quality, 10-bit analog to digital converter for HDTV. A companion to the popular HD10C2 D/A converter, the AJA HD10A can add an HD-SDI output to cameras, VTRs, or other analog-only high definition equipment. The HD10A accepts RGB or YPbPr analog HD and outputs three duplicate HD-SDI signals. It provides 1080/1035i, 1080p, and 720p with internal or external sync.

AJA HD10A 10-Bit Component Analog HD to HD-SDI Converter Features

  • High-Quality 10-bit HDTV A/D Conversion
  • Full Bandwidth Component HD RGB or YPbPr Input
  • Three HD-SDI Outputs
  • Multi-Standard
  • Internal or External Sync
  • Optional 12V Power
  • External DIP switch user interface for configuration
  • Bi-level sync capable (internal jumper)