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Talamas Broadcast Introduces Cinematic Multi-cam Flypack

Talamas Broadcast Introduces Cinematic Multi-cam Flypack
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Talamas Broadcast introduces Cinematic Multicam flypack – a customizable, turnkey rack system for recording, video distribution, and control
The Cinematic Multicam rental package provides a compact, two-rack solution featuring a wide range of tools to meet the needs of projects of any size and budget.

“Essentially, it's a mobile TV studio,” company founder Dave Talamas explains, "pre-wired system for full-scale productions, live-streaming, and content capture for corporate and special events.

"Comprised of a Blackmagic Constellation 8k Switcher, a Blackmagic 40x40 12G SDI Router, AJA FS-HRD converter/frame synchronizer, Streaming/Control Computer, and Clear-Com FreeSpeak communication (with the option for Unity Communication integration), the Cinematic Multicam system reflects Talamas' attention to detail and desire to provide customers with deep functionality via a turnkey solution that substantially reduces setup time and streamlines workflow.

“Every deck is pre-wired, but depending on how many decks a production requires, we can add up to 10 easily, which provides the option of doing 10 4K or 40 HDs or to mix and match as needed,” says Talamas’ General Manager, Mike Duca. “The beauty of this system is that it works with any camera system. Clients can use their own cameras and supplement them with ours, so it’s more cost-effective for them, and they get higher-end product.

”The system also allows for remote viewing and remote communication. “Unity allows customers to integrate any intercom technology, allowing for communication over IP via our server,” Duca continues. “Anyone can log into that server using their phone, tablet, or computer and talk on comms just as they could if they had a belt pack. So anybody, anywhere – producers, clients – if their eyes need to be on it, they can see what’s happening and provide input through Unity.

”Creating a standardized, powerful, all-in-one solution allows Talamas to respond even more swiftly to clients' needs. "Rather than reconfiguring a rack every time it goes out on a show, all of this equipment lives in a 20 RU rack,” Duca notes. Using the rack’s audio I/Os, users can connect to the rack and wireless intercom and, using the built-in computer, manage, digitize, and back up recordings or stream to their platform of choice. The system also features an active cooling system, built-in lighting, and a Neutric Optcalcon 24 fiber optic connection system, allowing for a rugged one-cable solution to connect two spaces via a single cable and throw-down box. MultiDyne SilverBack camera adapters are available on request.

“One benefit for customers is that if they need additional parts or functionality, we can add what’s necessary and have it ready by the next day, or, if the existing rack configuration fits their needs, it could be out that same day.” For example, Duca says: “If a commercial shoot needed to record multiple cameras in 4K and the next client is using four cameras in HD and one in 4K, we’re able to reconfigure it quickly so both clients we can meet their needs quickly and easily.” In addition, Duca explains, a representative from Talamas will be on hand to make the integration of the system with a given production infrastructure simple and straightforward.

As advances in camera technology progress and Talamas invests in cutting-edge technology, they will continue to build on the Cinematic Multicam system’s functionality to provide an ever more customizable multipurpose, multiuse, à la carte offering. “We’ve had many shows that have required compact, turnkey flypacks over the years,” Duca sums up, “often one after the next. So, we’ve gradually been building on this hardware – providing a home for all the technology necessary to speed up setup and streamline workflow dramatically. We try to give people all the tools they need and anticipate their needs, but there are always ways for us to expand on that, and this is yet another way for us to do so.”