RED DSMC2 Universal Handle



RED DSMC2 Universal Handle.

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RED DSMC2 Universal Handle.

The DSMC2® Universal Handle offers a combination of comfort and utility for carrying or shooting with your camera. This top-mounted handle features an ergonomic, machined grip with tactical 1/4-20 mounting points. It is ideal for lightweight camera configurations and is low-profile for use with the DSMC2 Base I/O V-Lock Expander on your DSMC2 BRAIN®.

For an even more intuitive shooting experience—the DSMC2 Top Handle and DSMC2 Outrigger Handle offer integrated circuitry and put a Record Start/Stop button right at your fingertips.

NOTE: The DSMC2 Universal Handle is designed for use with the integrated top plate on DSMC2 cameras. A DSMC Tactical Top Plate is required for use with RED EPIC® and SCARLET® cameras.