Lectrosonics Venue 2 Band 941 MHz Six Channel Modular Receiver Frequency 941.525 - 959.825



Lectrosonics Venue 2 Six Channel Modular Receiver, Band 941.  Frequency 941.525 - 959.825




Lectrosonics Venue 2 Six Channel Modular Receiver, Band 941.  Frequency 941.525 - 959.825

Lectrosonics Venue 2-941 Receiver System consists of consisting of the VRM2-941 frame and the VRT2-941 modules. This receiver system matches the transmitters that were introduced last year: SMV-941, SMQV-941, HMa-941 and HHa-941.

The Venue 2 Wideband receiver is a modular rack mount design for use with a wide variety of transmitters from Lectrosonics and other manufacturers. The VRM is a modular solution that effectively deals with a congested RF pectrum with a varieyt of options that
allows a system configuration to be idealized for a particular installation or application. The receiver is comprised of several components including the master rack mount host assembly, up to six receiver modules, built-in antenna multicoupler with loop-thru output and software for setup and control.

The Host Assembly
The Venue 2 mainframe assembly houses the power supply, the antenna and RF distribution, the user interface and control ports for up to six receiver modules. With the modules sharing these resources, a significantly lower cost per channel is realized with no sacrifice in performance or quality. The built-in RF multicoupler allows up to three mainframes to operate from a single pair of antennas, for an additional cost savings in a multi-channel system.

Built-in Antenna Multicoupler
Another benefit of the VRM2 design is the inclusion of a high quality antenna multicoupler that utilizes high current RF amplifiers and a Wilkinson type splitter for even signal distrubution and high isolation between receiver modules. The multicoupler is a dual 1 in, 7 out splitter with six outputs for the recevier modules and an additional output as a “loop-thru” for another Venue receiver. This allows multiple Venue receivers to operate from a single pair of antennas. Phantom power for remote antenna amplifiers is available from the multicoupler antenna inputs via menu selection.

Wireless Designer Software
The software provides an overall view of the system, including all mainframes connected. The display is scalable to fit and screen size and several color themes are provided. Frequency coordination is fast and thorough. Scan data may be imported and used in the coordination.
When individual carriers are moved manually, compatibility is instantly recalculated and displayed.