Lectrosonics SRc Block Camera Slot Dual UHF Receiver, 941-960 MHz


SRc 941

Lectrosonics SRc Block  Camera Slot Dual UHF Receiver, 941-960 MHz.




Lectrosonics SRc Block  Camera Slot Dual UHF Receiver, 941-960 MHz.

This design includes two separate receivers built into a single, ultra compact housing with adapters for use in video camera receiver slots and multicouplers, and several adapters provide stand-alone use. Digital Hybrid Wireless® technology provides superb, compandorfree
audio quality and compatibility with other wireless systems.
DSP compatibility modes allow the receivers to be used with Lectrosonics wireless and IFB systems. The front panel features a menu-driven LCD interface and four membrane switches which are used to view and alter settings. The main LCD window displays the pilot tone indicator, diversity activity, RF level, audio level and transmitter battery status for both receivers. To find clear operating frequencies, a built-in spectrum analyzer scans across the tuning range of the receiver and displays a histogram of RF activity across the band. Areas with little or no RF activity are easily recognizable.
The two internal receivers can be operated separately, each with a separate audio channel using switching, antenna combining diversity, or in tandem with ratio diversity reception and a single audio channel. The audio outputs of the receivers can be mixed inside the receivers,
or left separated for discrete recording tracks or external mixing. The receivers are powered from an external source of 7 to 18 VDC.