Lectrosonics IFBR1A Beltpack Receiver Block 944



Lectrosonics IFBR1A Belt pack receiver with pouch Block 944.


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Lectrosonics IFBR1A Belt pack receiver with pouch Block 944.

The frequency agile IFB R1a FM Receiver is designed to operate with the Lectrosonics IFB transmitters and compatible Digital Hybrid transmitters. Microprocessor control of frequencies within each frequency block provides the ability to work around interference problems quickly and simply. Frequency blocks 21 through 29 offer 256 frequencies each, in 100 kHz steps, with the exception of 608 through 614 MHz in block 23. Block 944 offers 79 frequencies from 944.100 through 951.900 MHz, also in 100 kHz steps. The R1a includes a leather pouch with a rotating belt clip. The unique microcontroller design in this receiver provides simple one knob and one LED operation for audio level, switching frequencies (channels), and easy on-the-fly programming.

The receiver frequency can be set by manually using the two rotary HEX switches on the side of the unit or by using the automatic scan and store function, or both. When powered ON, the receiver will default to the frequency set by the switches. A nonvolatile memory can store up to ten additional frequencies accessible by pressing the knob. The stored frequencies remain in memory during power OFF and even with the battery removed. The IFB R1a Receiver uses 20 kHz FM deviation for efficient use of the bandwidth and includes a single band compandor to suppress noise in the audio.

The Pilot Tone squelch prevents the audio output from opening when there is no signal being received from the associated transmitter. The pilot tones are different frequencies than those used in Lectrosonics wireless microphone systems to prevent the signal from an IFB transmitter from opening the squelch on a wireless microphone receiver. The receiver operates on one 9 Volt alkaline. lithium or rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours and features a tricolor LED low battery indicator. The voltages are internally regulated for stability. The receiver is housed in a compact, rugged, lightweight aluminum enclosure. The unit features a durable removable belt clip and an integral rotating battery compartment door.

The single front panel control knob performs multiple functions; • Rotate for Power ON/OFF • Rotate for Audio Level • Push quick, Channel Switching • Push and rotate for Scan and Channel programming

The three color LED indicator on the front panel provides multiple functions: CHANNEL NUMBER: The LED will blink a rapid sequence to indicate the channel number BATTERY STATUS: During normal operation, when the LED is GREEN, the battery is good. When the LED is YELLOW the battery is getting low. When the LED is RED, the battery is nearly depleted and should be replaced. PROGRAMMING FUNCTIONS: In the programming mode, the LED will blink at a fast rate to indicate scanning for an active frequency. It also flashes briefly to indicate a frequency has been programmed into a channel.