TRX900LT and RX900S Wireless System

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The Zaxcom TRX900LT is the latest addition to the TRX series of digital wireless transmitters.



The Zaxcom TRX900LT is the latest addition to the TRX series of digital wireless transmitters. The ​Zaxcom TRX900LT combines crystal clear digital wireless transmission, a built-in backup recorder and remote control functionality via the IFB100 and/or ZaxNet into a single, low-cost system for episodic television production, motion picture and broadcast events. Designed to be lightweight and durable, the TRX900LT is housed in a high strength, impact resistant nylon polymer casing that provides protection from both corrosion and water damage.

Like all Zaxcom digital wireless, the ​Zaxcom TRX900LT features 100% digital transmission for audio quality that rivals a hard-wired system and is fully encrypted to eliminate the possibility of production audio interception and theft. It features our patented internal timecode referenced back-up recorder which backs up the transmitted audio onto a removable microSD card eliminating the possibility of audio loss due to interference or signal dropout. The ​Zaxcom TRX900LT operates for up to six hours on a single AA lithium battery and is fully compatible with all Zaxcom wireless receivers and IFB transmitters.

The TRX900LT is also fully compatible with ZaxNet, Zaxcom’s new 2.4-GHz RF network that enables the distribution of remote control signals, timecode, IFB audio, and metadata. With ZaxNet, TRX900LT users can remotely control gain settings and replay audio via a timecode reference giving production sound mixers the ability to replay and remix audio, creating a virtual multi-track playback and re-record system.

Zaxcom TRX900LT Features

  • Built-in 2.4 GHz receiver, receives timecode and remote control signals from ZaxNet via the IFB100
  • Digital modulation wireless transmitter
  • Superb audio quality that rivals a mic cable
  • 96 hour internal backup recording with timecode stamp
  • Digital drop-out protection
  • 5 hour run time on a single AA lithium battery
  • Graphic LCD display
  • Small, rugged and lightweight
  • No inter-modulation - up to 50 transmitters, in the same frequency block, can be used together

Zaxcom RX900S Features

The Zaxcom RX900S (stereo) ENG Receiver is compatible with the TRX900, TRX900AA, TRX992 and all other Zaxcom Digital Wireless transmitters. It has a low power consumption and can be powered either internally with four AA Lithium batteries or externally with a 9 to 18 VDC power supply.